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Hit CTRL+v and post it.

Step aside, and you won't have to feel the awesome wrath of our moustaches!
Awww hehehe whos going? Smile. X x x

"Paste" - iPhone equivalent lol
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I draft I made of the post Savy will have to make on this forum when I beat him at F1 2011 later in the week.
FAO: Brad, otherwise known as 'Bradstar the super F1 champstar'.

I, Savy, profoundly apologise for my blatent dismissal of your driving skills. My actions on TeamSpeak and the TC Forums earlier were unacceptable and completely factually incorrect.
I would like to highlight the following remarks as made by me this week;

I apologise for saying you are a “dong”
I am deeply regretful for saying you have “no skill” and that I would “own you” on F1 2011
I am sorry from my heart for making the bold statement: “I will absolutely demolish you on the first race we do”.
Words cannot describe how much I regret saying “you are so bad, even Lotus F1 will fire you after the first season”

Since having the honour and the pleasure of being your team-mate on F1 2011, I now see the error of my ways. I now know that I have a “snow ball in hells” chance of even coming close to the level of talent you demonstrate.

I promise that from this point forward I will continue to look upon you as a great teacher, a fantastic example of pure skill, and, ultimately, my superior.

Yours Truly,

12:00:27 12:29:32 29:05 minutter LUNCH
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только английский
(google translate from english to russion of the following: "English only"
vreun roman aici?
Hvat kostar bilurin og feilar honum nakað?
loool matt spells 'attitude' like 'addictude
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