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Full Version: Show us what you've driven!
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Drive a truck for work? Cool car at work? Drive a bus? Own a cool car?

Show us what you got! Or what you drove! We dont judge like the other thread!

Does not even have to have an engine on it!


I've driven one of these!
Sierra for a few metres without engine running, you didnt say it didnt have to be running lol.
[Image: OxEb0ir.jpg]

Kymco zx for 9k kms.....
[Image: iqh7sXN.jpg]

And my Honda (insert v.tec joke here) for 4000kms now....

[Image: AKZxMD8.jpg]
This was my old Ford Escort Mk2 project. I do not longer own it but i have driven it.

The car had a chipped 330hp Cosworth engine but it was running porly. So i changed that one out. I did all the rust on it and gave it a paint job. Fixed all of the interior, bucket seats, roll cage and generally making it nicer inside. And dont get mad because of the dirty rims at the final photos Tongue

Edit: Some of the links are messed up but the most important ones are there!
Just this every weekend.


I ride my Bike to work everyday. I'll snap a picture tomorrow and slot it in


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[Image: REALLY.gif]
[Image: 43WaVdY.jpg]

Well, this is the truck i am always driving on work + it was pretty thight there i did reverse both side mirrors did touch walls hehe,
Lucky i got reverse cam Smile Did no damage to
Got to drive this today, love my job for these...

BMW 750 Ld Xdrive Individual

[Image: 20140923_121614.jpg]

[Image: 20140923_121636.jpg]

Absolutely lovely to drive but scary as hell slaloming through tight exits, when you can't really see the corners of the car Tongue

The right side rims were already scratched quite badly.
[Image: BMW-F.jpeg]

[Image: BMW-B.jpeg]

[Image: 2014-08-09%2012.21.24.jpg]

[Image: 2014-08-09%2012.15.40.jpg]
"BRB 092" that's great! Considering it's a rental car W00t
[Image: 2d0nfa0.jpg]

'76 Vette Stingray

[Image: 943660_565734826824273_1747841614_n.jpg?...f27ab8ead2]


[Image: 57893_102857963244990_773469636_n.jpg?oh...e41933250e]

Peugeot 106 .. GTi with 140 horses.

And last but not least:

[Image: dafgeel-1.jpg&amp;w=436&amp;h=30...p;amp;q=90]

Daf 33.

Those are pretty much all the cool car's I've driven in the past year.
And of course this low Saab was there with the 22" inch wheels Smile
Cars i have test drived in my job place all was nice but not the mercedes sorry Rasmus hahaTongue
[Image: rLp19Lp.jpg]
[Image: f1ST31T.jpg]
[Image: PxqWHiZ.jpg]

Test drove Passat 2013 today feelt good Biggrin
You mean test drive or move from yard to the hall?
(2014-10-30 21:07)Roba Wrote: [ -> ]You mean test drive or move from yard to the hall?

No, after washing we always takes a drive for 10-15min to check the brakes on all cars so they are good
(2014-10-30 21:07)Roba Wrote: [ -> ]You mean test drive or move from yard to the hall?

Dat distance Biggrin
[Image: f3kYEzC.jpg]
[Image: D0SfDiI.jpg]
[Image: RgKuKGs.jpg]

Golf gti today sad its only got 120hp guessing its an 2.0 liters
lol thats not a gti
Golf VII GreenLine GTi lol
its says in phone app that is gti haha
The real GTi has the badge on the front. that doesnt have it so its not a proper GTi.
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