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Full Version: Summertime Clock changes (25th March 2018)
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[Image: jmasMij.jpg]

We're on DST since March 8th here. Quite funny to know that it varies depending on where you live.
Yeah, the weird thing other countrys have same time as sweden have
We know you will.
(2015-03-27 08:50)GT4tube Wrote: [ -> ]We know you will.

What you mean?
Already ? I wasn't aware, thanks!
Can go down to clock and its saying switching time Smile
New remind, clock changes 03:00 night 25 Oktober!
[Image: 4a8b9be179.png]
God dammit, I hate it when the clocks change. Mellow
A bit early reminder, eh? Biggrin
(2015-09-25 16:34)Chuck Wrote: [ -> ]<headondesk.gif>
Bump 4 days left Thumbup1
Time to make a thread for the next change Tongue.
Remember that this night , the hour change. 1 hour back

[Image: cambio-de-hora.gif]
False. Here in Canada, time will change on October 31st. *troll*
(2015-09-25 16:34)Chuck Wrote: [ -> ]<headondesk.gif>

This. You're a funny guy.
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