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Full Version: Try not to cry, cry a lot..
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So, after a quite long period of inactivity, our beloved member Weelob has decided to leave the team due to the lack of time. We wish him best of luck in future! We will miss you my friend.

That's all. Duces.
[Image: PantherLogoTG.png]
Best of luck, Weelob!
I hope to still see you on the servers! Smile
Good luck
Weelob will always been rememberd as best members of GLOW (atleast I think) and i never have written this long message to these news, so best luck to you Weelob and GLOW team for missing a great member
Good luck.
Best of luck Weelob! Smile
Noooooo, Weeee. :'(
Best of luck in the future, Weelob! Sad
Good luck.
That's sad news indeed, good luck Weelob!
Good luck!
Best of luck Weelob
good luck
I haven't known but heard much about weelob, as much as I hear about him I can imagine that he'll be really missed from Glow, good luck.
Damn you Weelob.
Good luck for the future Smile
Thanks for all the support guys, appreciate it Smile I'll still be around on the forums.
Goodbye my friend (idk if u are my friend but still!)
Buona fortuna Biggrin

Good luck Biggrin
Best of luck, Weelob!
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