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Full Version: New to TC
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hello guys,

I.m new to the TC servers i hope i can make much friends here and have a good time together. and i allready have one friend his name is Thijs

thanks for reading guys.

If you haven't done it yet, feel free to take a look at

Server Rules: http://city-driving.co.uk/rules/
Server Manual : http://city-driving.co.uk/manual/

So you know how everything works and what the rules are.

Enjoy your stay!
Welcome, please do not hesitate to ask any questions.
Welcome to the community! Smile
Welcome, hope you'll enjoy your time around! Smile
Welcome! Smile
welcome my friend! Wink
thanks everyone!
Welcome to TC, We (They) have an awesome and strong community in general.
As Frozen said take a look at Rules and Manual. Have good time with us (them)!
Welcome mate to endless fun Smile
Welcome, enjoy your stay Smile
Welcome. =]
Welcome my friend.
Welcome in TC world Smile. Enjoy playing here.
have fun sir!
Welcome, enjoy!
Hey DeadlyAssassin, welcome to the forums!
thanks everyone for the nice reply's!
Welcome mate Smile
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