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Hello TC Cruisers!

Im Asas, 18 years old male, I just finished school and about to get in a college. I am from Jordan (Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan) just north KSA. (but doesn't have oil lol). I like cars and planes (been playing FSX for a while) and some action games ofc.

I have been playing LFS for about 5 years or more, I used to play on old demo servers such as Universal Cruise. And playing many other games, cs1.6, Cod4, Generals.

And Im not completely new to the servers, i have been on and off, some of you may know me. looking forward to stay around as much as i can.

I know you since 5 years ago Smile

Nice to see you Asas. Welcome back and you'll enjoy it around here.
Hey Asas!
Great to see you partaking in the community mate, if you ever have any troubles or questions, we're here to help. :]
I seen you some time ago playing around tc , but , welcome again ! Smile
I have seen you around Smile Welcome, and hope you enjoy it here.
Welcome to the community, Asas.
Seen you around before. But welcome to the community nevertheless!

Nice to hear other people still playing FSX, I thought I was the only one. Tongue
Welcome back! Smile
Thanks all! Smile

(2015-08-17 12:20)Connor Wrote: [ -> ]Nice to hear other people still playing FSX, I thought I was the only one. Tongue

Its a nice game and so realistic but huge in the same time. This poor laptop won't run it, I sent my PC to the shop to fix it and Im still waiting for it, or I might need a new Computer.
Welcome to the forums! I've seen you ingame a couple times.
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