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Full Version: New Thrustmaster wheel
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New thrustmaster wheel under 200$, which means its 199.99$

Thrustmaster T150 Racing Wheel Releases This October, Is Compatible With PS4 & PS3
Here’s a list of the technical specs:

1080° Force Feedback featuring Immersion TouchSense technology
Rotation angle adjustable from 270° to 1080°
Optical position reading with 12-bit resolution (4096 values on the wheel’s steering axis)
Mixed belt-pulley and gears transmission system
Metal ball-bearing axle
There will also be a Ferrari version of the wheel available on the same day for the same price.

Looks tiny, but is it?

More interested in this to be honest:

T300 Ferrari Integral Racing Wheel Alcantara Edition: Ferrari 599XX EVO detachable wheel (11.8”/30 cm and Alcantara®) + T300 SERVO BASE + T3PA 3-pedal pedal set

[Image: t300alcantara_main.jpg]

Press Release: http://www.thrustmaster.com/en_US/%D0%9F...on-its-118

Product Page: http://www.thrustmaster.com/en_US/produc...ra-edition

Since I already have Fanatec pedals, I'm not really interested in the pedals but the servo base + wheel addon are only £20 less expensive together so I would probably get the set and keep the pedals as a spare in case of emergency.

I'd probably also get the Ferrari F1 wheel add on too and a TH8A shifter.

T300 Ferrari Integral Racing Wheel Alcantara Edition: £399
F1 Wheel: £125
TH8A Shifter: £120

Total price: £644
I never understood the difference between TH8A and TH8RS?

Plus, with that 644 Pounds, you can get yourself a nice T500RS with a TH8A/RS. Not sure if you'll save but the T500RS + TH8A/RS is more worthy, in my opinion at least. But I'm still looking for the shifter in Indonesia desperately.
That T150 reminds me of a DFGT with the silver strip and button layout
I'm getting the T150 when it comes out as a replacement for my G27.
''mixed belt-pulley and gears transmission system, and metal ball-bearing axle. The end result is a high-performance wheel that is both solidly-built and precise.'' That part excites me, it just has to be way better than G27, my G27 that I sold was just...arrgh, in a rather bad condition, Logitech products do not seem to be that good (I still have a broken DFGT around somewhere).

I'm definitely getting T150 as far as I'm concerned atm, that's all I really need tbh as I will not even use 1080 (most likely sticking to 270 at all times with no FFB and paddle shifters).

It's so small.
It's larger than G27 and G29.
I mean, compared to the T500RS and some FANATEC wheels.
Who voted no? This wheel is going to smash G27 and G29 FFB wise...I think. Had G27 for 2 years, now will see how T150 stacks up against it ^_^
I voted no because it looks ugly, but other than that there's no doubt this will smash G27 and G29.
(2015-09-23 14:25)KooKoo Wrote: [ -> ]I mean, compared to the T500RS and some FANATEC wheels.

That's like comparing the new VW Golf to a Koenigsegg Tongue

This wheel isn't anything to compare to a Fanatec wheel, it's in a completely different price range. It aims to contend with more entry-level wheels, such as the G27 or G29. But I do agree though, it'll make Logitech cry Biggrin
I don't get why people hold such strong opinions against things.... There really is no point. E.g Mouse's who voted no?
We need to see more reviews to come a conclusion if it's really that good for its price tag. If it is, TR are about to crush the market...finally someone decided to introduce something for a reasonable price so that Logitech might have to think twice about putting a price tag on their branded wheels?
All I want is a DFGT with an H Shifter :c
(2015-09-24 13:33)Dracula Wrote: [ -> ]All I want is a DFGT with an H Shifter :c

(2015-09-24 13:39)KooKoo Wrote: [ -> ]ew

Drac,DFGT+TH8 shifter? BiggrinBiggrin
(2015-09-24 14:05)FGYSG Wrote: [ -> ]Drac,DFGT+TH8 shifter? BiggrinBiggrin

Well, it would be nice, but I don't think it connects to a PC directly and definitely not the DFGT itself, and even if it did I would need to buy new pedals as well for a clutch pedal the DFGT doesn't have Sad

I'll just buy a G27 one day, maybe when my DFGT breaks.
FANATEC clubsport shifter looks better than the TH8RS.
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