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[Image: BiWSzOL.jpg]

[Image: TXf55Kb.jpg]

[Image: 3nPzuQR.png]

[Image: nqbRVpC.png]

[Image: ePAHK4x.png]

[Image: Vi4QMbP.jpg]

[Image: sasXZTl.jpg]



It all started when me and my friend were doing a slammed car meet, where we all cruised in the server a little bit while driving on both lanes. The idea was to create a club for reckless people, who like to express their style and drive violently and recklessly. Law Break propagates violent driving style and taking form of how you drive over how quick you can go and how easy it is to drive. We are here to break the laws, not the records. Execute your style through driving.























Special thanks to hachi for taking these pics Wink

[Image: 2zuBV7P.png]

[Image: gfxJklV.png]

[Image: 4uqs17s.png]

[Image: twy7Gh0.png]

[Image: LHUskPJ.png]

[Image: wvPWYbz.png]

[Image: b7kds9r.jpg]

[Image: FRvNioT.jpg]

[Image: HjXHArJ.jpg]

[Image: alZixdB.png]

[Image: tyRcFLC.png]

[Image: 4zy9bOt.png]

[Image: 37BffyJ.png]

[Image: wtVG34j.jpg]

[Image: 24860432457_44db045e8e_o.png]

[Image: 38831418615_a2655dd0c3_o.png]

[Image: spIQn9h.jpg]

[Image: qYx6n7x.jpg]

[Image: l8IQ1zu.jpg]

[Image: 2cRSKNY.jpg]

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[Image: qXk6i0X.jpg]

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[Image: XQCrbYv.jpg]

[Image: bIc1MFJ.jpg]

[Image: 42748302272_c0cdbdef37_o.png]

We have skins for each car except all the formulas. Each car has at least two skin variations.


For people wondering what is all this "club" thing, we are not as strict as teams are. Law Break is not here to get it's name popular by drivers achieving amazing results in driving, that's why people who are already in a team can still join us if their team allows it. We do not have strict timetable of when all members should meet and play together. We are here for drivers that don't drive obeying the laws. Whether it would be drifting, driving slammed cars, speeding etc.
Law Break is highly influenced by Japanese car culture and especially kanjozuku (kanjo) and bosozoku(boso) car styling and driving style. So if you love the japanese car styling it will probably affect our attitude towards you while accepting you to the club Wink


Tags aren't strict either. You can put our tag anywhere in your name. If you do not have any space left after your team tag and for example roleplay tag, then you can not put the tag at all. But that is the only exception why you can not put the tag on. There won't be any penalties for not having it on, but we would highly appreciate it if members wore the tags.

So how can you spot us in the server? These are our tag variations, all in white color:

LawB~ / ~LawB
LB~ / ~LB


Everyone who wants to join are welcome to write a private message via tc forum or, better yet, message me on skype.
My (dark) skype: laurynasm1
LIKE's skype: gipsass2 (write here if I'm busy or don't respond in quite some time)

All the drivers that join, will get a week long trial period.
Trial periods don't usually last the whole week and drivers become members even sooner than in one week.
Trial period can not be applied if we already know you or you are well known among the community.
Trial periods can be suspended at any time and you can either become a member immediately or be kicked out

So that is it about us, meet you on track Wink

[Image: YT67dY3.jpg]

[Image: YlwaGSL.jpg]

[Image: apXcWts.jpg]

"The difference between the Kanjo and what you might call traditional street racing is that regular street racing is done despite being illegal. Kanjo racing, from my personal findings is done because it’s illegal. I’m quite convinced that if the police and the general public were ok with it – they wouldn’t do it. It’s a game. A highly illegal and dangerous one, but a game nonetheless."

Good luck with your Club! Smile
Looks promising. Finally some sutairu on TC Smile Good luck.
can i join? rdsr isnt badass enough for me
Forgot to mention, gonna put it in topic, everyone who wants to join is welcome to send me a private message on forum or better yet, add me on skype and we could chat for a bit. My skype is laurynasm1
(2016-08-22 18:25)Fwanky Wrote: [ -> ]can i join? rdsr isnt badass enough for me

You're not badass enough for us.

Looks like quite a bit of effort has went into this, good luck with it!
Good luck with your club!
Thanks for the good words guys!
looks like someone tryina bring lfsd club system into tc
I tried to mix both up, because I like lfsd club system more than ideas of teams. Probably because drivers have more space and the atmosphere isn't that serious so we all can have more fun. And isn't that the purpose of lfs and gaming in general Wink
Good Luck With Ur Club Bro!!!

-N2O Itsuki
Good luck on your team!
(a long time didn't speak japanese irl,almost forget it xD)
I really like the concept, either on the idea or the club itself. Nice skins too.
The stickers really gives the Japanese feel, reminds me a bit of the MNC sticker.

Good luck. Thumbup
Skins were inspired by bosozoku and kanjozoku car styling. These japanese car tuning and driving styles support reckless and violent driving, that's why they were chosen. Their paintjobs were inspired by old japanese racing liveries, but they have some things that are unique to each one of them. Fwd cars have kanjo styling and rwd/awd have boso styling. If you want to know why, google it up. Stickers were inspired by old japanese team tag stickers. Everything has a reason behind it and it was supposed to be as close to japanese car culture as possible, because I really love it and this was the idea behind the club.
I had lots of stuff going on in my life in the past one or two weeks, that's why I wasn't very active lately. But I will get back into lfs in the next week. I didn't get that much wishes to get into the club, that's why I want to mention that you can join us even if you already are a member of some team. In that case, we won't ask you to wear a tag. Of course you can if you want to. And it is fairly easy to become one of us, so feel free to message me and maybe become a part of this
SazoRB and ThatBoostedGuy succesfully completed their trial period and now are members of Law Break. Welcome along!
Good luck with your team and I really hope it goes well (I love the Japanese culture and the Japanese car culture)

Is it fair to say that this is more of a group/club/culture instead of being a team (your "team")?
Yes it is more of a club than a team. That's why we allow people joining even if they are already a part of a team.
Alright. Well good luck Wink
I like this idea if this club thing. Good luck
Two new drivers just became street dancers and joined in on our spirited drive ~ Might and Kendorifto !
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