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Full Version: Razer Keyboard not being picked up by windows 10
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So everything I own seems to be breaking. I own a razer blackwidow tournament edition keyboard. I come on my comp when I get home and it doesn't light up or input anything. I've tried some fixes, deleting drivers in device manager and uninstalling razer synapse and reinstalling and restarting computer and it still hasn't worked. Also tried different usb ports and nothing. Anyone have any ideas?
If it does not work upon booting the pc (like trying to enter bios setting) then it is most likely dead.

If its working in bios menus, and not in windows, then something is conflicting with it.
That's pretty much my experience with razer products with electronics.
Thanks for replies, couldn't enter bios or any other options it gave me using the keyboard. It doesn't light up or anything, I guess its dead (unless anyone else has any idea), I'll get replacement as I did get it for an uber good deal of £44 and it is a good keyboard, I was probably just unlucky with the one I got :-(
I've actually never seen a keyboard dying in my whole life.
My first Microsoft keyboard I've had for years hasn't died, Im still using it now even after all the milk and cereal and other juices that have been spilt in it, while razer lasts less then 2 months
Have you tried Razer's support?
I've got a Razer keynoard, mouse and headset and they're all 1-3 years old and working fine. Love them.
What for a fix or a warranty replacement? I've already asked amazon for a replacement
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