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Full Version: Logitech G27 - Not using whole 900
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My G27 has suddenly not been using all of my 900 degrees I have on it, it only goes 3/4 of the way around before LFS says my wheel is at the end of turning, although my wheel keeps going to the full 900 degrees.

[Image: 209a237a42e0f7e7746632632c6994a0.jpg]

[Image: f8bc94f89076fef019ceaa8c9c7cef1a.png]
Not sure if it's at all relevant but are you on the latest LFS version?

(You should be)
Yes I am Smile
Some time ago it happen to me alot , that I have to full turn left and full right to LFS "re-calibrate" it and it works for me
Oh yeah, Borja is right actually. This has happened to me a lot. Just go fully left and right (on your wheel) whilst on the axis screen.
And turn wheel compensation to zero. Also try prrsing the 2 middle red buttons on the shifter and the bottom button above the dpad. That should set the rotation to 900 degrees if the profiler is playing up.
Maybe this is relevant? no idea

[Image: CBbmOp7.jpg]
And click "Allow game to adjust settings" in the profiler.
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