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Full Version: Fined for other users nickname!
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There is a major issue when talking to the suspect if they have a swear word in their name! just lost 2000 for testing it btw!
His nickname was motherfacker and if typed to by pressing N you will be fined 1,000!
I do not ask for the money back but to get this fixed :)

- Tobias/Erox
Unfortunately we don't refund for cases where you've intentionally selected someone's name when they have swearing in it (you definitely shouldn't have done it the 2nd time Tongue). With that being said, he will be dealt with for using an inappropriate name.
Well, its a bit hard to get it fixed, its a system that InSim have for avoid swear. You get 1000€ when you say something wrong.

In this case, wasn't on porpouse, put some people use it for insult others. Sadly, it happens.
Wasnt asking for the money back! just wanted to check it a second time before posting the thread Smile
Ideally, you should've reported this to us before talking to him. They would've been told to change their name and then kicked/banned if they didn't.

In future, if someone's name contains swearing or abusive language, report it first before engaging.
Okey, Thank you for answers Smile
I've given that guy a warning, it'll pop up on his screen next time he comes online. Warning is for a bad nickname & speaking a foreign language in main chat.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, but yeah, take the advice on board too.

Remember English in main chat
No need to bump a thread for nothing. Locked
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