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Full Version: Do I need to change my PSU?
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Hello guys,

I've planned to buy a new graphics card soon. However I'm still hesitating, do I need to change my PSU or not? Here's my config:

Intel i5-2400
SSD Kingston Hyper X 120GB
2x4GB ram Stick DDR3
Nvidia GT530
300W PSU

(sorry, my computer is based on a OEM one, I've changed many things but I still don't know some parts of it, I've added a SSD, a RAM stick, so much more)

I've chosen to buy a GTX 1050 for around 130 quids ("cheapest" GPU I can find) ; I can buy a PSU too, but I saw on GPUBoss that my actual GPU, a GT530, has a TDP of 50W. The GTX 1050, a TDP of 75W.

Here's my question. Do I consider buying a PSU too? Or will it be enough? It's not a question of money, I have the money to buy it; however if I'm not obligated to buy one, I can buy a shifter instead. Smile

Thanks for reading Wink

€€€€: I've done a little test on that site, and it seems that they recommends a PSU of around 300-350W. Considering it's only a supposition, do you think this could be okay?
[Image: ispvWfu.png]
An interesting video I found: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7myQLMSw5B8

I don't advice risking with something like a PSU, anyways a PSU is more important than a shifter I guess?
PSU's in prebuilt pc's aren't the most reputable brands, you'd be risking everything in your pc if you didn't change it if you upgrade your video card. Lesser known brands don't have alot of the over/under voltage/amperage protections that proper PSU's have, so if you have a power surge and no protection, it will probably kill something.

Corsair, Thermaltake, Silverstone, Antec all decent brands for a power supply.
I was going for a Corsair one of 500W. I wasn't sure of that anyway, thanks for answering. Going to buy a psu with it, end of. Wink
I would go 600w incase you go bigger in future I run a 600 on my 970gtx
I don't think this is really necessary to have a PSU that big. I'm not planning to go in future with this computer, I'd rather change eeything if I change.
Anyway, I've ordered the GTX 1050 and a new PSU yesterday evening, let's wait Monday Smile
420-480W sir.

My i5 6500 and GTX 1050ti Usage PSU: Load: 130w (GTA V) Idle: 36w.

i5 2400 little more Wattage about +15w.
500 is plenty. I run a 6600k, plenty of fans and a gtx 1070 and still dont need 500w.
Power requirements for graphics cards list:

gtx1070 a 500W PSU minimum.
gtx1050 a 300W PSU minimum. (no show list but will late update gg)
I took a 450W PSU which is more than enough imo . Smile
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