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Full Version: PC interference with TV
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Hey guys

Got a tv aerial in my loft, only a cheap £15 screwfix one, however does the job.

When my PC is on, the signal on the TV is so weak I cannot get a picture at all. But as soon as my PC is off, the signal restores back to perfect quality.

My PC is almost directly underneath where the aerial is mounted in the loft (if that makes any difference).

Anyone have any ideas how to fix this problem or know the cause?

I used to do nice tricks few years ago.

1) Make sure that PC Cables aren't touching those of the TV.
2) You can try to use Aluminium, it works well for isolating, by wrapping the stuff connected to your TV with it.

[url=https://postimg.org/image/mh3j1jzlj/][Image: 07_everyday_kitchen_gadgets_aluminum_foil_1024x6.jpg]
Is your PC running wireless network? If yes, try a wired connection. Otherwise Adorable is right - try to shield the PC and maybe the cables with some metallic foil.
Don't forget to make yourself a protective hat from thatWink

Maciej elektrikal picksies?
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