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Full Version: InSim during chases
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I was wondering how the InSim works during chases.

Do the fine and XP raise in funcion of time, or do they raise in function of the suspect movements ?
I believe it's measured regarding the time and amount of cops involved in the pursuit. Also the vehicle classes are taken into consideration too. I.e. A UF1 outrunning a FZ5 will gain more XP than an FXO outrunning a FZ5 Smile
So, can we consider that, if a cop is basically waiting for anything like a backup or other while the suspect is incapable of moving, it is system abusing ?
No, when you are not moving, the counter stops too.
Just come to the point straight away. As Froz said and you were told on the server, the counter stops. Its also not against any rule to wait for other cops to get from join- into chase-mode, although i do agree it is kind of useless nowadays. When we still had a win-loss-ratio people were doing it way more.
Its kind of "nice" sometimes when a cop is in join-mode and sets up roadblocks or has a hard time catching up due to uturns or was giving "heli-binds", to quickly wait a few seconds that he gets awarded too. Shouldnt be too long though. It can be annoying for the suspect sometimes, i agree. Same goes for the time between a suspect stopping and the actual fine. This time is also unlimited and some cops abuse this by very slow/lots/useless chat to annoy people.
Thanks for the reply, now I know Smile
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