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Full Version: COP test and website down
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Hi, i need help about the COP test i took, so i payed, i inserted the code and when I was in test the website just went down appear me the error and then went back on and appear that i failed to the test. (not completed, just appeared that...I was finishing but the questions i had more doubts i let unmarked to complete when i finished the others i knew better.Help? Is There any chance that I can do other besides waiting 7 days?

*NO NEED TO REPLY, unfortunately I was banned today*
I'll take a quick look regardless Smile
Even if it says the website is down refresh it a few times and it will load at some point.

You can post an unban request here:
It seems that you did in fact make an attempt for every single question. In total you had 6 mistake marks.
I'm not sure I understand your problem?
Frozen, i refreshed it , it came back on but said that I failed.But there's nothing to do now, I think...since i'm banned... Ash maybe i marked a question that i didn't meant? Not sure about it, at 1 or 2 questions i was confused...so i left back to the end not sure ... Thanks anyway
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