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Full Version: Iphone SE charging troubles
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Hey everyone,

Since a few days i'm having troubles charging my iPhone SE. Whenever i put it in the wall socket, it doesnt give any sign of charging.

I've got a powerbank that i've used quite a few times lately (just came back from a festival). It has 2 charging ports: 1A and 2A. When i connect my phone to the 1A port, again no sign of charging. When i change it to the 2A port, it starts charging immediately.

I have absolutely no idea what this can be, so if anyone has ever came across a situation like this, or knows the answer how i can charge it in the wall socket again, i would be very thankful.

I have the same problem with iPod touch 6th, but I have jumped to iOS 11 (closed beta).

You didn't mentioned anything about, so this will not be your problem. No?
No idea, would updating the software solve the problem? Or isn't it that what you mean Smile.

I've tried charging with my brothers cable, and that works fine. So my guess: The cable has different connectors for 1A or 2A, and my 1A connectors are damaged. That would make clear why it won't charge in the wall socket and USB of my pc.

I'm getting a new cable tomorow, we'll see
No, I dosen't mean that Smile
What I mean, it's that in a closed beta, I updated to iOS 11 and have this problem. This, is a closed beta, and if you didn't signed up for it, you didn't get it, so, maybe that isn't your problem.

About your sugestion on wire, can be possible, but I doubt it. Have you tried to charge your borther's phone with your wire? Same issue happen?
No i have not tried that, but i tested 2 different cabels (my brother's one and my nephew's one) and they both work on my phone.
Best use for it IMO:

Haha, thanks Pete. Not really helpful, but thanks.

Anyway as we found out (by testing a different cable) it was my cable that gave up working. Got a new one today and works again.

Glad to hear it Smile
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