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Good morning all,

The time has come for me to upgrade my PC. Due to the graphics card only supporting 2 monitors, and I don't want to eat into my integrated graphics too. It sounds like a spaceship otherwise.

I am in need of a CPU, preferably Intel i5 4xxx (K) or ii7 4xxx (K) with the socket LGA 1150, as that is the motherboard I have at the moment. I currently run an Intel i3 4170 @3.7GHZ, but unfortunately it is a dual core CPU, and I want something a bit beefier to run LFS at max settings, GTA V at medium/high settings and a range of other games at medium/high settings. I was looking to get beamng.drive a few months back but it ran at 4 fps on it lol Tongue My budget for my CPU is around £150, but if needs be, £200 max.

I am also in need of a graphics card, not to expensive, but so it is compatible to run 3 monitors at once. I was looking to spend around £150-200 on the card. I thought a GTX 1060 would be good, but suggestions are appreciated.

Is it worth buying 16gb DDR3 1600MHz? as I run 8gb DDR3 1333MHz at the moment. My budget for this will be £100-£150.

All suggestions/words of advice will be appreciated greatly, as I am also moving house soon and will have some money, from my work income and possibly selling a few old PC parts, and items from my room that I no longer want.

I don't mind if the parts are slightly used, but not in too bad a condition that 6 months or a year down the line they will pack up. Is there any websites that you would recommend?

Thank you very much,
Use an i5 for gaming, for your RAM, just add another 8GB stick @1333 MHz, the difference is very little when it comes to gaming.

If you have a good enough power supply, go for the 1060, else get a 1050 Ti if you do not plan on upgrading PSU which is not recommended since for only adding 40$ you get a very good boost if you compare 1050 Ti and 1060. Look up some videos on YouTube of people running these setups and see what kind of performance you get from each card then compare and decide on what suits your needs.
Hey Lose,
I currently use an Intel Core i5 2500k quad-core processor running at 3.3GHz. I use that combined with an AMD Radeon R9 290X, and I can run BF4, BF1, GTA V, and lots more games at very high/ultra settings.

Click me for an i5 I found and also click me for a card I found on auction. Dunno how much it'll go for though.

Click me for some RAM I found on eBay.

I only have 12GB of RAM, but as I said, I can ran lots of games on very high/ultra settings, so hopefully this gives you a bit of a guidance on upgrading. Someone might be able to recommend something better though Smile

As Adorable said, make sure you have a good power supply to run it all as well. You could also need to upgrade it.
I did forget to mention, that I am using an EVGA 600W PSU, the 80 PLUS version. My RAM is 2x4gb DDR3 1333MHz. I only have 2 RAM Slots on the motherboard.

Thanks for the suggestions so far!

~Lose ;P
Do what AD said.

The i5 that Jack linked will not work with your motherboard and the graphics card isn't exactly the best price for what it is, and, they are both used, something to be quite wary of. RAM also seems to be quite expensive at the moment, maybe leave it a couple months a then look at RAM, as prices fluctuate.
4690k I5 and a 970gtx or whatever your budget can afford.

My setup runs Assetto corsa on max no overclock, which is using both of the above.

if you go for the 4690k bin the stock cooler and replace with aftermarket
(2017-07-31 10:40)AdamB Wrote: [ -> ]The i5 that Jack linked will not work with your motherboard

Yeah, I was speaking to Lose and only realized that after posting Tongue
common sense says i5 if you only game i7 if you do more than that(heavier cpu load due to editing or very cpu-intensive gaming)
ram will benefit you on very little.. but if you have only hdd get 16gb you can drop the page file and run everything from ram
as for gpu i would suggest get a 1070 WHEN you can afford it(wait and gather money)

it would be intresting to hear other aspects of the system.. ssd/hdd combo, psu..
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