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Full Version: Game turns entire screen black
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Haven't restarted my computer yet, but figured I'd ask now.

First time since 2015 where running the game turns my entire screen black. I can press the Windows key and it'll bring up the taskbar and start menu. Anything on the taskbar will pop up like it should, but won't open unless it has an "always on top" option enabled. Task manager is set to always on top, so I'm able to see that at least. Restarting explorer.exe didn't change anything. Adjusting my resolution didn't change anything. Closing LFS using task manager or the task bar closes it fine and my screen returns to normal. LFS launched just fine yesterday, and all week.

Edit: Restart fixed it. What in the world?
Would you be able to tell me your specs for your pc?
Might be frameless mode glitching out (you might have accidentally put it in that state and not realised).
probably the graphics card driver stuck.. have seen it before..
Happened to me this situation:
Launched GTA SA and 1/3 from screen turned black
Changed the VGA
Probably your VGA or HDMI is melted Smile
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