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Full Version: Euro Truck Simulator
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Hello truckers!

So i was driving one day and i tried to look left and right, it didnt work, tried to use mouse to control view (as im using g27 to drive), it didnt work too.
The same time of view issue, i had another one. When going on the freight market, which is the one from the map, not from an specific company, i didnt find any trailor
after days with this problem i tried to disconnect my account from World Of Trucks, the freight market (from map) worked and i can see trailors, but in the same time, no external contracts..

Tried to uninstall the game completely, by every file and reinstalling, it didnt make sense. So i made new profile and didnt even touch the World Of Trucks thing, so far the view and freight market problems are gone, but the external contracts are not available without connecting the profile to online (World Of Trucks)

I noticed that when i connect an profile to World Of Trucks, it indicates that i've been playing for more than 4K days, is it because of an previously downloaded (rich) account? if so, my account now has synced info for all profiles, and because of my account, the game making the mentioned problems

Sad, looking for a solution to clean/remove this sync thing in my account, so i can connect my account to my profile in the game and use External Contracts. I'm surprised because the "4k days of playing count" must not even make sense to the ingame.

I guess i should report it to World Of Trucks xd but wondering if anybody had this issue
Can't you just do this for resetting the jobs?

But no, I don't know about the other issues Sad Sorry Sky
Oh, thank you, i guess this is a part of it, and btw i guess i found it, it's TruckersMP, the main problem.

TruckersMP wrote my stats (4k+ days playing) n stuff

Thank you anyway
Ah. I would use different profiles for SP and MP then Smile

Glad you resolved it.
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