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Street Obsessions - Racing League

All races will take place on the Street Obsessions server

The Street Obsessions Racing League is a fun, semi-serious racing league within LFS using exclusively the TBO classification of cars. The league runs from January 10th -> June 27th and is Bi-Weekly (every 2 weeks). All events are on a Wednesday at 18:00 UTC. All drivers should aim to be in the server FIFTEEN MINUTES prior to the race.

All points can be tracked in the spreadsheet at the following link: http://bit.ly/2CdG5X0 (leads to google spreadsheet)


1:Follow the rules of clean racing: https://en.lfsmanual.net/wiki/Rules_of_Clean_Racing
2:Always keep TWO WHEELS trackside at all times (spin outs, crashes etc waived)
3:Be on time for qualification / races (if a driver misses qualification they’ll be placed at the back of the grid)
4:No cheats, hacks or VOB mods of ANY KIND.
5:Respect flags, if it’s yellow be cautious of an upcoming incident.
6:No pit maneuvers or intentional contact.
7:Sign-ups necessary, you can not change vehicle per round.

Signing Up

Sign ups are required for the league table, anybody can sign up at any time over on the league section: https://www.lfs.net/leagues/450/season/522 (Teams limited to two drivers per team)

Racing Calendar

10/01/18 - BL1 (GP) - 30 Laps (40m approx) (30m Qualifying)
24/01/18 - KY2 (National) - 15 Laps (30m approx) (30m Qualifying)
14/02/18 - WE1 - 20 laps (40m approx) (30m Qualifying)
28/02/18 - AS4 - 15 laps (30m approx) (30m Qualifying)
14/03/18 - S04_R - 15 laps (30m approx) (30m Qualifying)
28/03/18 FB3 - 25 laps (40m approx) (30m Qualifying)
11/04/18 - BL2_R - 20 laps (30m approx) (30m Qualifying)
25/04/18 - SO6_R - 30 laps (40m approx) (30m Qualifying)
16/05/18 - KY3 - 10 laps (30m approx) (30m Qualifying)
30/05/18 - FB4_R - 25 laps (40m approx) (30m Qualifying)
13/06/18 - AS7 - 15 laps (40m approx) (30m Qualifying)
27/06/18 - WE2 - 25 laps (1h approx) (30m Qualifying)

Event Timeplan

18:00 UTC - Qualification to start (30m)
18:30 UTC - 5m break after qualification for all drivers.
18:35 UTC - Administrators to announce race start is imminent.
18:36-18:40 UTC - Administrators to start the race.
19:20 UTC - Race finish (approx)

If you're interested in joining the first season of SORL, please use the following links to subscribe, there are two signing up methods, league page (a small fill out) or using the below template as a reply here.

Please keep in mind teams are limited to two drivers, however if you are in the same team but have more than 2 wanting to participate just put a 1 or something similar at the end of one of the teams!

Driver Name: (including tag):
Team name (If none leave blank):
Car (RB4, FXO, XRT):

Username: Huskii
Driver Name: (including tag): SO•Huski
Team name (If none leave blank): Street Obsessions
Car (RB4, FXO, XRT): FXO

LFS Links (I forgot to post these)

Current Sign-up Rundown

Street Obsessions - TAZxx & Huski
FordRallyeSport Team - Joaofrs & Galinhofrs
PiranMOTO - Jam616
Street Obsessions1 - South
[GLOW] - Ripstie
[GAME] - MrSupergame & Rob2003
Born 2 Race - Skattle

(Total 10 drivers across 7 teams)

[email protected]

(Total 5 drivers unteamed)

Total drivers: 15

This form will be filled out with drivers car upon race 1, I'll also be attempting to create a cars standing table too, so we can see how the cars fare against eachother!
I'll be streaming my practice and the race from my cockpit in VR from 17:00.

If you can't make the race, feel free to tune in: https://twitch.tv/tc_pete
Meeting over ran at work, I'll be on just before the start.
Stream replay from round 1 (Strong language throughout)

Information on Race 1

So the first race of the season, always a hard one with 18 cars on grid for race start.

Lap 15, the midway point, as 1st place came across the line the top 3 consisted of Getrag, AA spiky & [TC-R] Adam

After 30 laps of racing it was AA™ spiky taking the first win of SORL followed by [TC-R]Adam and then Getrag.

In the points standings its [TC] Racing currently winning with their drivers getting a total of 28 points (2nd & 6th) with Air Attack following with 20 points followed by Nitor Velox, with 14 points.

Full Race Standings

1st: AA spiky
2nd: [TC-R] Adam
3rd: Getrag
4th: nv.Dennis
5th: B2R Skattle
6th: [TC-R] Pete [VR] (madman)
7th: Rejekt
8th: SO E.Ekmekcibasi
9th: [GLOW] Ripstie
10th: SO R.McKenzie
11th: [email protected]
12th: 9397
13th: Jam616
14th: SO Rzonda
DNF: SO L.Glynn
DNF: AA Mikke
DNF: IN[GAME] (more in warnings)



L9: Sideswiped Jam616 - Warned for light contact resulting in crash.


Heavy warning for BLUE FLAGS, ranging from Lap 10 - Lap 13. Was warned ingame by an admin.


Reminder / Warning - Contact resulting in a crash.


From now we will be looking at insim alternatives that can offer in-game restriction setting. Also a tracker.

If anyone has restriction suggestions etc reply using them. Thanks!

Join us in 2 weeks where we take to Kyoto National for 15 laps! You can sign up here !>>>>CLICK ME<<<<!
[Image: unknown.png]

Firstly apologies for Airio auto restarting! I forgot that happened. From now on race will seem to start 30s after qualy oxo.

16 drivers attended out of which 15 finished!

Raw race results:
AAtm| Mikke
SO E.Ekmekcibasi
[GLOW] RipstiE
SO S.Astley
SO A.Kairis
SO R.McKenzie
[TC-R] Pete [VR]
SO M.Burnsley
[email protected]

Point table team position changes

[TC-R] moved to 2nd from 1st (29 pnts)
Air Attack moved to 1st from 2nd (54 pnts)
Street Obsessions1 moved to 3rd (22 pnts)

Read the full points table at http://bit.ly/2CdG5X0

Thanks for attending! Next race is Westhill National for 20 laps on the 14th of Febuary 2018!

Recap video made by Lucaf (9397)
[Image: 854b872f73.png]

Street Obsessions Racing league - Round 3
Westhill National - 20 laps. February 14th 2018

Server information


The server we'll be using will be Street Dedicated. The qualifying (as per the usual) will start at 18:00 GMT with the qualifying finishing at 18:30 and race starting approximately five minutes later.

Race rundown.

2 races into SORL we arrive at Westhill for the first out of two times this season, to the shorter circuit of National. This track made up of 12 turns on a track that lasts for 4.4km per lap (2.7 mi) for 20 laps.

On the points table a lot of ties are currently showing, the most prevalent being the tie for 1st place between Getrag and Spiiky both on 34 points. Further down the table there's a tie for 3rd between South and Adam both are on 18 points a little more down there's the tie for 5th between Ripstie and Dennis both being on 14 points.

In the teams currently Air Attack is leading on 54 points, followed by [TC] Racing in 2nd with 29 points and Street Obsessions 1 with 22 points.

The server will be password locked 15 minutes before racing, and every driver will be PM'ed the password a day prior to racing.

Read the full points table here: http://bit.ly/2CdG5X0
Looking forward to this!
[Image: 854b872f73.png]

Hi everybody! I'm just popping this news in here 1w prior to Round 3 of SORL to say we've reached 32 TOTAL SIGN-UPS what this means is in 8 sign-ups time (if we reach that) I'll have to close sign-ups!

Round 3 of SORL is 1 week away, the Street Dedicated server is open with WE1 (The track we're using) as well as Airio, come hop on and practise!

One final thing is after 2 rounds I'd like to say thanks to everyone who has attended SORL already this year, lets hope for higher driver count for future races!

Addition: If you use a specific skin for SORL and want the ful res to be featured within our highlights video send me a forum PM with said skin in full resolution! This will be passed to the video creator(s)


If I'm not mistaken, it's better to cap signups at 38. Not just for admin and marshal slot, but also to prevent overflow..

Unless you're sure all 40 won't turn up Tongue
(2018-02-07 17:44)AOR Nova Wrote: [ -> ]@Huski

If I'm not mistaken, it's better to cap signups at 38. Not just for admin and marshal slot, but also to prevent overflow..

Unless you're sure all 40 won't turn up Tongue

wahttt huski
(2018-02-08 02:48)AOR Nova Wrote: [ -> ]wahttt huski

Our top turnout this season was R1 with 18 drivers. So if its on track as this we should be fine!
If I'm not wrong Huski participates himself anyway, so there's already administration present. The events are always checked from a replay by several members anyway, so should the server be crowded, it shouldn't become too big of a problem anyway. But I would doubt all sign-ups show afterall anyway, there's always someone who has something and is unable to attend.
you can take me off the sign up list if that helps
[Image: 854b872f73.png]

SO-RL: Round 3

Hi Racers, we're less than 2 days away from Round 3 of the Street Obsessions Racing League.

Race will be held on the Street Dedicated Server with Airio and our resident restriction enforcer!

Good luck to all, we wish to see you there!

Happy Racing,

Street Obsessions

Firslty, apologies for the delayed post. This is simply due to lack of personnel to review the race and actions, and to write up and post the results.

Round 3 took us to Weshill in our definite most interesting race so far this season, firstly there were the crashes between ALM Joan & S.Astley in L1 (then the other one later on) as well as LucianLS' crash within L1 as well, this race also hosted a few very good looking battles, my favourite was in fact the battle near the back between Rzonda, Redbot_ & LucianLS.

In terms of drivers we had 13 drivers finish!

In another note SORL has ONE sign-up spot remaining. I'd like to give a big thank you to everyone who signed up to race, I'm hoping we'll see a whole list one raceday.

[Image: unknown.png]

(above - results)

The points table has left much the same way as after round 2:

In 1st is Getrag with 52 points, 2nd being Spiiiky with 50 points and Mikke with 40 points.
In the teams Street Obsessions 1 (30 points) has moved past [TC-R] (29 points)

Warnings / Reminders

S.Astley has been spoken to about his crashes with ALM Joan.

No action to be taken against Ikomap or LucianLS for their crash on L1

Round 4 announcement!

Round 4 of SORL will be taking us to Aston Historic for the 2nd longest race of the season (I think) with Aston Historic lasting 8.1KM per lap for 15 laps. This is a race that will test drivers fully as it is a race that will last for 121.5km. This race will take place on the 28th of Febuary 2018 with Qualifying starting at 18:00 GMT!

Hello! Just posting a quick update, to say we've hit 38 SIGN UPS!!! what this means is that sign-ups are now CLOSED.

Again a massive thanks to everybody who has signed up, and a bigger thanks to everybody that has raced previously!
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