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Full Version: Problem with multiple "Primary FZ5"
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So I have a problem where I have 3 FZ5's in my garage. 1 of them is 0.0% and most driven, 2nd is 0.1% and 3rd is a new one at around 98%.

I have set the newest one as the Primary FZ5, but still, every time I re-join a server, and leave the pits with an FZ5, it gives me the 0.0% condition one. When I go to HOME > GARAGES, it shows both the 0.0% one and the 98% one as Primary FZ5's.

So I have to, every time, fix this by setting the 3rd, 0.1% FZ5 as a Primary FZ5, for it to remove the others from being Primary. Then choose the new FZ5 again, and set it as a Primary FZ5.
I figure there is a bug, but there is a workaround for now. If you send a car, the primary flag is removed. So, just send it to a friend and have it returned.
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