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Full Version: Hello [TC] from TsunamiSephi
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I've been a lurker for the better part of 12 years and never realized I didn't officialy introduce myself.

Hello! My name is Zachariah. I'm a Motorsport Photographer and Ops Manager for CaliPhotography, in Southern California. I've been on LFS since mid 2003 and have been on TC servers since the original TC CityDriving USA Server ~2005 (autocross layout)

I've accumulated around 600 hours of gameplay over the years as I've been off and on the server. Recently, my wife Sarah became interested, so that's renewed my passion for cruising. It's a lot more fun with friends in the same room!

So, that's me. I've made a few friends over the years that still frequent the server, and I look forward to meeting more!

-Zachariah Woods-


Well, lot of things have changed, but you will get familiar to it soon Biggrin

Manual: https://world.city-driving.co.uk/?page=manual
Rules: http://www.city-driving.co.uk/rules/

Feel free to contact me for whatever you want.
See you on roads!
~[RDSR] Borja
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Hey! Welcome back to [TC].

Any questions, just ask Smile
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