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Full Version: - Turki14 unban request (Unban Request Denied by Ash)
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● Your LFS Username:turki14

● Time & Date of Incident:2018-02-16 17:16:07

● Replay / Screenshot Link:none
● Replay Timestamps:none

● Reasons as to why you feel you deserve an unban:hi,i'm very sorry about all pepole who i ram and i learned and understood rules very very carful and i will drive very carful and not ram or crash anyone if i did by accident i will apology for anyone and agin i'm very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very sorry

Administrator Message by: Ash

Changed thread title from <——><——><><><——><——> to Turki14 unban request

Are you sorry or not?

The administrator who originally issued your ban has been notified
Please be patient whilst this request is reviewed.
Yes I'm very sorry

You have a terrible history of ramming. In the last month alone you’ve managed to rack up 16 reports ALL for ramming, 3 yellow cards and also only yesterday I gave you a warning because I witnessed ramming.

All your previous bans seem to relate to ramming too. You’ve been let off lightly here.

I see no reason as to why you deserve to be unbanned. Do you?

I'm sorry about all that and i learned my lesson and i will drive very careful and i hope you accept my apology❤
You have not learnt your lesson atall or else you would have not rammed after your initial year ban. Please let me stress that I am being very lenient with only giving you a 14 day ban.

Let me just put into perspective how lenient I actually am being:

Between the 25/01/17 (Date you ban year ban expired) to now, you have had 42 user reports against you purely for ramming.

Please tell me how you have actually learnt your lesson?

Also, is there a reason for your the title in this thread?
Ok from now i learned my lesson and i want just notice alot of people i had rammed them by accidents i apology and paid for them and I'm 40% sure alot of pepole who report me they didn't even read chat but no worry i will try my best and drive very careful after my ban thanks.
Ok great to hear!

Unban Request Denied
Please read our terms & conditions if you wish to appeal this ban.
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