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Full Version: - misunderstanding with ban Ivo_drifta (Unban Request Denied by Leon)
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- Your LFS Username: ivo_drifta

- Time & Date of Incident 2018-02-19 21:39:18

- Replay / Screenshot Link:n/a
- Replay Timestamps:n/a

- Reasons as to why you think you deserve an unban and why you feel your unban request was unfairly denied:
Hello my friends, tomorrow one friend asked me to play with my license and I gave it, I understand his mistake, he didnt read the rules, you banned him, but why for one year?? Please think and I want answear Smile
The administrator who originally issued your ban has been notified
Please be patient whilst this request is reviewed.
First of all:

[Image: 1zqyemw.png]

So the "my friend" excuse won't fly.

Your friend, which I don't believe exists, caused an accident, followed and interfered with a chase and ultimately rammed the player in question. Regarding the length, it's because your account has received numerous warnings and administrative penalties during the last few months, but nothing seems to work. The continuation of said behaviour can only mean that any further time spent on you is a waste of effort. Your continuously destructive behaviour and refusal to conform to our ruleset is the reason you've lost the privilege to frequent our servers for the next year.
no everyone have money to buy the S2, see from what IP S14 Kouki play, and see DOTZ Unlimited (me) from what IP play, if you didnt want to unban, just reduce the period of the ban, 1 month?
Any further demands?
no, I just change password to my acc
I have to admit that I'm a bit surprised you haven't used this opportunity to apologize and formally request an unban despite your behaviour. That said, it perfectly illustrates why you shouldn't be unbanned.

Because you seemingly see nothing wrong with your behaviour and won't even acknowledge any of it, I'm denying this request.

Unban Request Denied
Please read our terms & conditions if you wish to appeal this ban.
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