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Full Version: + Banned (Unban Request Granted by Dracula)
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- Your LFS Username: Sandisck

- Time & Date of Incident: Cant remember, probally 2-3 years ago. I was in cop chase, but my ammount of cash went over -5000 and that is probally auto ban?

- Replay / Screenshot Link: -
[Image: Screen_Shot_2018-03-19_at_10.27.20.png]
Dont know why it shows auto ban for money abuse about 4 times. But fact is that i got banned after chase and not been in server after that
- Replay Timestamps: -

- Reasons as to why you think you deserve an unban and why you feel your unban request was unfairly denied: Want to start over again, and maybe one day be a police Wink

You were banned for money abuse. A money abuse ban is when your account balance drops to -5,000€. This could have been the result of: swearing, pitting outside the Safezone, getting fined by cops, etc.

Since this is your first time being banned for money abuse, you will be unbanned and revived. "Revived" means your account balance will be set to -4,500€. This means you have to be extremely careful to not drop to a balance of -5,000€ again.

Please Note: We will keep you banned for at least 30 days (from the time of the ban itself) upon an unban request for a 2nd money abuse ban. However, such cases will be looked into by CityDriving Management and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Any subsequent money abuse bans - after the second time - are very unlikely to be lifted.

You must read the server rules and server manual. This will help you keep out of debt. By re-joining the server, you accept the content of those two documents and the content of this post.

Please reply stating you understand the above. An administrator will then reply notifying you when your account has been revived and unbanned.

Thank you.
The fact is that i only got banned once. That was probally 2015. And cant remember any other bans. But as insim shows there is 4 somehow. Anyway, I understand.
It was only once yes. The ban list shows more due to how the ban system works, but it is nothing to worry about.

You will be unbanned sometime today by either myself or another admin.
Unban Request Granted
Your account will be unbanned shortly. Please ensure you read our rules prior to your return to our servers.
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