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Full Version: Unban-tomislav531 (Ban Reduced by Adrian)
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● Your LFS Username:tomislav531

● Time & Date of Incident: 2018-04-29 16:43

● Replay / Screenshot Link:-
● Replay Timestamps:-

● Reasons as to why you feel you deserve an unban: I am sorry for what happened. I would like to apologize to whole server for my bad actions. I really realized what I did but it was to late. Its like everything blocked around me and stopped. That happen to me sometimes. I didnt think, it was a mess for me. Im sure if I had more time I would be able to explain everything. I am really not like this and I am definitely definitely not racist. It was a very bad choice of words. I really didnt mean to offend anyone I didnt point finger, that word wasnt pointed toward anyone that was word of pure surprise and shock, but a kind hearted shock with bad word. I would really appreciate if Adrian read this and I would like for him to understand, and to Adrian after that it was pure frustration I know its not easy being admin. I am really sorry that it turned out to be a really bad and ugly situation and that it look so disrespectful. But im really sorry you got it that way because I really didnt had that intention at all its amazing how wrong things can turn from their true core. Its a big shame for me that I have to take. Im speaking out from pure honesty. Thank you for your time.
The administrator who originally issued your ban has been notified
Please be patient whilst this request is reviewed.
I have acknowledged your request
Please be patient during this review, I will reply in due course.
It's very good that you understand what you did wrong. I believe you didn't want to offend anyone and that it was "joke", however it shouldn't happen at all anyways. Someone, not even involved in your incident, might have been offended this way. If you can promise you won't repeat it in future I'm willing to reduce your ban.
Yes I can promise. I dont know why I typed it in the first place. What was I thinking. Sad
Your ban has been reduced to 1 day and will end tomorrow.

Your ban has been reduced as described
Please ensure you read our rules prior to your return to our servers.
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