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Full Version: One out, another in
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Hello everyone,

Today, we have good news and bad news, like some weeks ago.

Unfortunately, [CSR] Sem didn't make it into the team. Good luck mate!

[Image: isonline.thezer0] | [CSR] Sem | thezer0

The good news is that we have a new recruit, namely cααlis.bic!

[Image: isonline.Koshers] | [CSR] Caalis | Koshers

We hope he fits good in the team and we think he's a nice guy. He'll face a recruitment period for the coming two weeks.
Good luck in your recruitment period mate!

[Image: oKpdbk4.png]

Stay tuned!
Team [CSR] Management.
good luck
Good luck kimg
Good luck.
good luck
good luck
good luck
Good luck!
Best of luck to both Smile
Best of luck! Smile
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