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Full Version: + unban request (Unban Request Granted by BP)
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Your LFS Username: rattijonni

● Time & Date of Incident 8-9 Years ago

● Replay / Screenshot Link: Don't have
● Replay Timestamps: Don't have

● Reasons as to why you feel you deserve an unban: I think this was the first server I joined when I got s2, I couldn't really even speak English properly and had no idea what you can/can't do in the server. Still banned, must have been a pissed off admin that banned me lol.

You were banned for money abuse many years ago. This is when your money drops to -5000 or below.

Since this was before the reset, you can re-join with 10,000 Euro (the starting sum).

For further information on money abuse bans, click here: http://forum.city-driving.co.uk/showthread.php?tid=2 then go to the "Money Abuse Bans" part.
Oh actually I was able to connect few years ago, then got banned again automatically with a timer ticking on screen, I think it was about a invalid name.

Yes understood
I've updated my post above because it wasn't quite true to your situation. Please re-read.
However, it was definitely due to "money-abuse" and not your name.

If you were able to connect previously briefly, that's because the LFS-server banlist and our system had to sync (that's the easiest way to explain). This is because your ban was permanent on our end, but LFS only supports bans up to a certain length.

Just to clarify: Please confirm that you'll be careful in the future, read the rules, etc. and you'll be unbanned.
I've read the rules and understood them and will be careful also.
Unban Request Granted
Your account will be unbanned shortly. Please ensure you read our rules prior to your return to our servers.
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