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Full Version: - Unban Request (Unban Request Denied by BP)
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● Your LFS Username: Sensejs

● Time & Date of Incident 2016-12-26

● Replay / Screenshot Link: There is not.
● Replay Timestamps: There is not.

● Reasons as to why you feel you deserve an unban: Okay, so. Good afternoon. As time goes and sometimes I miss cruising with others after school I've considered to make unban request as I've understood my mistakes. I've understood that the ban I got is becouse of the Vtec tweak that I used in tweak drift servers and didn't restart the LFS client before joining TC, so the tweak continued working in the background. First time of me appealing I didn't come back because my studies are really hardcore and I totally forgot about the appeal I made. I'd really appericiate any understanding from staff as I just want to cruise in some evenings with my friends that would start playing LFS again, because It's just staying still in our PC's untouched... I've really understood the mistake and as I'm using for drifting other games like Assetto Corsa I can guarantee that mistakes like this won't ever happen.
Thank you and have a good day.

P.S - During the time I was online with the tweak I didn't take part in any chases or something, just cruised with my friend.

You have made an unban request for this case which was denied. You then made an appeal which was also denied (see here: http://forum.city-driving.co.uk/showthre...id=28506).

You may re-appeal on the 1st of February 2019 (one year after the submission of your appeal), at which point the case will be reviewed again.


Unban Request Denied
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