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Full Version: G29 issue on Logitech Gaming Software..
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Hiya, I was wondering if someone can possibly help me.
I used to have Page Up/Down setup on my wheel for Buttons 8 & 7, now they are not working. The buttons are being registered in-game but it's just not wanting to work.

I uninstalled both LFS and LGS to see if that worked but no luck.
Restarted PC, nearly everything I can think of.

Is there a G29 wizard that could possibly help me please?!
Contact me on Discord: Kyle Python#8404 or on forums.


[Image: vPD31.png]
And PgUp and down are supposed to do what in LFS?
(2018-06-09 18:49)Chuck Wrote: [ -> ]And PgUp and down are supposed to do what in LFS?

Well, for TCSirens :/
Well, it may be, and that's just a guess, that PgUp and Down are now consumed by LFS (modifies the height in the new layout-editor), since the new patch is out, and for that reason, does not find the way into TC app. Maybe try with an older LFS version to cross-check.
Where can I find old versions of LFS?

(2018-06-09 19:54)MyNamesPython Wrote: [ -> ]Where can I find old versions of LFS?

Never mind.
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