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Full Version: Unban request (Ban Reduced by Carl)
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● Your LFS Username: A L e E x

● Time & Date of Incident Today

● Replay / Screenshot Link:
● Replay Timestamps:

● Reasons as to why you feel you deserve an unban:
I got a ban for sending money to this username "i hate niggers", I did not know that it is offending, and i apologize for that. somebody told me to do that so why not if i cannot punishment for that, i did not know that it is racist until my friend told me that, therefore i sent it not knowing how racist it is, just thought a normal username, nothing was in my mind at all, i learned from my mistake, i now know that it's racist, wont ever do it again.
The administrator who originally issued your ban has been notified
Please be patient whilst this request is reviewed.

As this ban have just happened, it is still under investigation and therefore this request may take longer than normal.
I have acknowledged your request
Please be patient during this review, I will reply in due course.

After talking with another admin I hope that you now fully understand why a ban was necessary as you didn't seem quite clear on it at the start. You must be aware that you are fully responsible for what you are typing into the chat. You were not sending the money for any good reason and should have been thinking about that as you knew the meaning of the words. We do not want anything offensive in the chat, this includes "trolling" by sending money to permanently banned accounts. I accept the apology and I'll be willing to reduce your ban by a reasonable amount, do you accept?
Yes, I am
Ban has been reduced to 27 days. Your new ban will end on 11th August 2018

Your ban has been reduced as described
Please ensure you read our rules prior to your return to our servers.
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