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Full Version: - unban (Unban Request Denied by Carl)
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● Your LFS Username:Prise_20

● Time & Date of Incident:2018-08-12 13:06:13

● Replay / Screenshot Link:none
● Replay Timestamps:none

● Reasons as to why you feel you deserve an unban: hello,i'm apologize for ramming (kevvedajsel),and i learned my lesson,i understood the rule,i hope i will be unban,i'm very sorry for that.
The administrator who originally issued your ban has been notified
Please be patient whilst this request is reviewed.
I have acknowledged your request
Please be patient during this review, I will reply in due course.


I appreciate your apology, but 'no ramming' is a very basic rule and from your unban request I see no reason to unban/reduce.

Your ban length is generously low considering your past, don't you agree?
hi,carl you know i can't explain good,i was really not ramming him in purpose i was reading chat and he was burnouts or idk what he doing but he was in middle of road so when i ram him only what i saw that he in middle of road reversing thats why i continued driving,i'm really wasn't mean to ram him like that,i learned my lesson and i'm really apologize for ramming to him,and i hope i unban.

again sorry
If you were reading the chat you can't have been 100% focused on what was going on in front of you, but you still insisted on putting all of the blame to kevvedajsel.

There is still no excuse to "carry on driving".

You've played here for nearly 2000 hours, you should know much better. This ban is generously low so you can sit this one out, it may be much longer if you continue.

Unban Request Denied
Please read our terms & conditions if you wish to appeal this ban.
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