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Full Version: Show your setup
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At home:
[Image: 64xaO.jpg]

At work:
[Image: OJ9cK.jpg]

At Home:

[Image: imag0110h.th.jpg]

At Work:

I start next Monday, so will post then Tongue
At home:
[Image: img0274oj.jpg]

At work:
[Image: img0525cqq.jpg]

[Image: P1080841.jpg]
At home :

[Image: DSCF0369.jpg]

(sold my G25 now though)

At work :

[Image: IMG00269-20110923-1420.jpg]
[Image: 13022010170.jpg]
[Image: 13022010169.jpg]
Its actually tidy, ish.
If only it was like that most of the time Sad
I bet he threw all the crap that was on the table on the ground just for those pics
Haha, I would actually be capable of doing that Tongue..

not with my desk though.
[Image: desk1n.jpg]

[Image: desk2ng.jpg]

[Image: desk3.jpg]

[Image: desk4t.jpg]

[Image: desk5m.jpg]
For the next few months:

[Image: 2d17a0b3.jpg]
My setup atm, I couldn't drive without a shifter so used my old wheel to get the shifter running.

How is the new wheel? Smile
Its odd Tongue
Its nothing like the g25? does it even have the same rotation length as the g25? Tongue
that wheel has 1080 degrees right?
[Image: speedsetup1.png?t=]
Here's mine atm.

[Image: setupws.jpg]

I don't like cleaning Tongue
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