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Full Version: Edited Screenshots
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[Image: fernbayedit.png]
wasn't much activity here, so i can go 2nd Smile

[Image: plopsmall.jpg]
I'm NOT good at this.

Imo, the clouds are good, reflection of cars also, but the rain is bad. have to work on that Wink

Taken before Gumball
[Image: RanyDayLFS.jpg]
Freaking awsome edit oO
This thread needs more content, so here's one of my FZ5!

[Image: edit3b.jpg]
Nice pic.

Share those seats? Tongue
(2011-11-05 21:33)Makee Wrote: [ -> ]Share those seats? Tongue

No, make your own Tongue
Sad messagetooshort
Makee Wrote:
Audiojack Wrote:
Makee Wrote:Share those seats? :Smile
No, make your own Tongue

lmao Biggrin
[Image: 56218081.png]
[Image: 4ebbb96596841-CloseDrift.gif]
[Image: lfs00000007.jpg]

still new to cs3
Nice done Fuji..

not i'm better or so...
but .. u really need to center the
line of the lights in the bumper and
behind the window.. it's not in the middle
like the porsche logo.. Blushing

But still, it looks awesome!
*bumps the thread*

[Image: photoshopped.jpg]
Holy crap Ohmy that's incredible!
Damn nice AJ.
And I just cummed in my pants.
The Team Traction have an own poster at Jamaica Smile
[Image: 24bkbpe.jpg]
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