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Full Version: Gumball 2013 - Skin Decals
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[Image: gb3k-banner-skin-decals.png]


White Stripe: Download (.png - 33.9KB)
Car Numbers: Download (.png - 28.9KB)
5th Anniversary Decals: Download (.zip - 16.2KB)
2013 High Resolution Decals: Download (.png - 1.09MB)
2013 Individual Decals Pack: Download (.zip - 383KB)
2012 High Resolution Decals: Download (.jpg - 994KB)
2012 Individual Decals Pack: Download (.zip - 429KB)
2012-2013 Full Decal Pack: Download (.zip - 1.69MB)
2010 Official Sponsors: Download (.psd - 5.38MB)
2009 Official Sponsors: Download (.psd - 1.93MB)

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