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Full Version: Gumball 2013 - What is Gumball?
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Gumball in real life

The Gumball 3000 rally was founded in 1999 by Maximillion Cooper. It is a 3,000 mile (4,800 kilometre) international road rally which takes place on public roads and every year sees a different route. 120 cars enter each year, mostly exotic cars or sports cars. There are no prizes for being the fastest and there is no timekeeping of any sort. The Gumball 3000 is a "road trip adventure" and not a race.

This year's Gumball was it's 15th anniversary. It all started in Copenhagen on 18th May and concluded at the Monaco Grand Prix on the 24th May.

Our take on the infamous rally

[TC] & Team [GLOW] have been running the Gumball since 2009 meaning this year is our 5th rally.

Our rally consists of the following:

14 Day Distance Challenge
The main event of the Gumball is a 14 day distance challenge and it's quite simple. The person that drives the furthest on [TC] servers over the Gumball fortnight wins. The top 8 drivers get prizes. At 11:59PM on 9th August, every driver in the rally will be entered into a separate statistics system where they will start with 0km. At 11:59PM on 23rd August, the driver with the most kilometres will be crowned Gumball 2013 champion and will join an elite club of 4 drivers who have previously won the rally. Although you are not required to drive the same car the entire 14 day period, we do encourage people to do so because in the real Gumball you are stuck with the car you start with.

Basically, stick to the same car, don't cop, drive as far/fast as possible for 2 weeks and have fun!

Pedal to the metal award
The person that maintains the highest average speed over the duration of the rally wins the pedal to the metal award. You must drive at least 2000km to be in with a chance of winning this award but there's usually a lot of competition for this award.

Sprit of the Gumball award
This award is given to the person who made the Gumball extra-special. It might be the person who made the best public skin pack, or given to someone who hosted the best radio shows, or who was the best company on TS or the servers. You can nominate someone for this award at the end of the rally. The winner will be voted on by the community.

Skinning Competition
The skinning competition allows anyone to enter up to 2 skins for the public to vote on. The skin that gets the most votes wins, simple. The winner and runner-up of this competition get prizes.


The rules of the Gumball are simple. Follow the usual server rules and do not think you have priority over people who aren't competing.

Entry Fee

This year's entry fee will be TC€10,000.

You do not need to pay an entry fee to be entered into the skinning competition.


The prize pool will be funded by entry fees and donations.

The breakdown of prize distribution is as follows:

14 Day Distance Challenge
- Winner: 30%
- 2nd: 20%
- 3rd: 10%
- 4th: 8%
- 5th: 7%
- 6th: 6%
- 7th: 5%
- 8th: 4%

Pedal to the metal award
- Winner: 3%

Spirit of the Gumball award
- Winner: 3%

- Skinning Competition
- Winner: 3%
- Runner-up: 1%

The Gumball is [TC]'s biggest event of the year so don't miss out! Even if you don't think you'll do very well, enter anyway!

All times are in BST (GMT+1)
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