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Full Version: Gumball 2013 - Spirit of The Gumball Award Voting
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This award is given to the person who made the Gumball extra-special. It might be the person who made the best public skin pack, or given to someone who hosted the best radio shows, or who was the best company on TS or the servers.

Voting will cease on Sunday night at 23:59 GMT+1 and the winner will receive their prize money shortly after this time.

Vote for this year's Spirit of The Gumball

Please note, you may only vote for 1 person and you may not vote for yourself.


Nobody92 - [TC] Mr. NB
MButcher - [TC] Lamp
MattsterGT - [GTC] FakeD
Some0ne - [6S] Some0ne
Notsosideways - SO‚ÄĘBlacktop
Rascar13 - [TC] Ras

Good Luck!
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