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Hey all

Anybody tried out iRacing?
I personally haven't had a go at it yet, but currently, it's on sale. I'm getting the 1 month subscription for 6$.

Link: http://www.iracing.com/membership/

Feel free to post experiences with the game.
Played some and i got to say the community is really harsh. Everybody thinks they are "Major" racers and every mistake you make gets you reported/kicked/banned from something. I stop playing after a while because of that.
You can get a free 3 month trial by filling in the form
To be perfectly honest, I really enjoy iRacing. Once you get out of the rookie series, you actually get into some really clean, tight races that I find really enjoyable. Though when I had it I couldn't afford to pay for it so I'm not on it anymore. The driving felt like driving, so I can't complain about it. I really enjoyed oval racing and how much strategy there was to it.

Only thing to complain about is how expensive it is. You get a base set of tracks and cars and as you move up to get a better experience you will need to buy more tracks/cars. While it's not terribly expensive (I could afford it as a student with no income), many will find it burdensome.
Thanks for sharing, guys.

So far, I've only been messing around in the single player part. Mostly on Laguna Seca in the Pontiac Solstice, the MX5, and the Legends cars. Pretty good fun, feels really realistic, and the sounds are amazing. I haven't had a true race yet, also, I seem as if I need some more experience on my own before heading online.
I have been subscribed. It was really nice, but it was simply way too expensive. LFS did it for me, and it's free.
I am bumping this old topic since i just got myself a 3 month subscription for 5$. Does anyone still play this?
Played it, but left a year ago
Re-activated my account today as I have a 3 months for the price of 1 code, and my friend was asking me to start playing again, did the MX-5 cup, some how went faster then my previous PB with about 30/35 laps practice. Not quite sure how I did considering I'm ill and I did it in such a short time considering if I hadn't messed up the last turn it would have been quicker. Only real difference is the wheel, I used to use a DFGT now I'm using a G27 on full manual.m
This looks really promising.

Too expensive, and I did not find it impressive at all.
I understand why it's so expensive, but it's too expensive for me Sad lol

Iracing I must say is a great looking game with the way they look at things anyway, they do seem to put the money to good use. It's nice to see the extra realism added to a real simulator, to make it more dedicated at least.
Bit of a bump but I thought more people would be into iRacing.

Here's some screenshots of the new Formula Renault 2.0 here at Oulton Park:
[Image: 1.png]
[Image: 2.png]
[Image: 3.png]
[Image: 4.png]
[Image: 5.png]

ProTip: If you see a Purple & Green #13, it's probably me Biggrin
Nope, still hate this game.
I love this game. Doing the RUF cup with some high SOF is just intense. The caddy aswell is alot of fun.
Bad game because stupid Price Month/Year...
(2016-03-11 08:24)GT4tube Wrote: [ -> ]Bad game because stupid Price Month/Year...

And thats why its multiplayer racing is million times better than in any racing sim. In the end few euros in month isn't that much for proper rating and safety system. The content is expensive but you don't need to buy everything. And if i remember correctly it's not game anymore, but instead a driver training software or something Huh
I doubt they would be using the same version of iRacing for driver training. I could never see a consumer sim used as a racer training software.
Your doubt is wrong Smile
A lot of Core memebers that ran in CityLiga along with Frank and a couple others (Including myself) have started playing iRacing doing the Skip Barber, if you want to join in let me know and I'll get you added
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