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Apply Here (Application Form Attached) - Gaming - 2018-01-01 12:02

Welcome to the [TC] CityDriving open recruitment programme.

Our open recruitment offers community members the opportunity to join the [TC] team and to become a member of [TC] CityDriving staff. If successful, you would play a pivotal role in the administration of the [TC] CityDriving servers, which includes assisting users, and taking the necessary steps to ensure any rule-breakers are dealt with in a way which maintains a healthy and fun gameplay environment. Your staff duties would also extend to other [TC] CityDriving services, such as the forum, TeamSpeak, and Discord.

We are heavily focussed on the admin abilities of our applicants, however driving ability is still important - [TC] CityDriving team members are expected to demonstrate exemplary driving standards. The requirements listed later on will give more information.

Before you apply, please make sure you are eligible by checking the following basic requirements.

Application Form 2018 Wrote:To apply, you must have:
  • A general understanding of all aspects of the [TC] CityDriving community, including its InSim functions. Therefore, you must have:
    • First joined the CityDriving servers more than 6 months ago.
    • Played at least 200 hours on the CityDriving servers.
    • Driven at least 10,000 kilometres on the CityDriving servers.
    • A valid cop license and cop rights on the CityDriving servers.
  • The necessary driving ability to drive and cop within the rules.
  • A good recent track record. This means:
    • In the last 6 months, no bans from the CityDriving servers lasting longer than 7 days.
    • In the last 3 months, no bans at all from the CityDriving servers, excluding false-positive account fraud bans.
  • The ability to deal with users in a level-headed and professional manner.
If you fail to meet any of the above requirements, your application will be denied immediately.

If you have fulfilled the above requirements then please fill out the application form below and follow the instructions within.

Download the application form here: [attachment=1190]

As of 2018, recruitment is always open. However, we still hold ourselves and our candidates to the same standards of previous recruitment drives. Candidates may only submit one application at a time, this means you should take your time when filling out your application. If an applicant/candidate fails at any stage, they will have another opportunity to apply in the future, details would be clarified in their rejection letter.

If you don’t understand something, feel free to contact a member of [TC] CityDriving management. Since all questions must only be answered by you (the applicant), you must not ask for, or use, anyone else’s answers.

Good Luck.

~ [TC] Team