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RE: Street Obsessions - Sporadic Races - Huski - 2018-05-08 16:33

Hello! One final rule update as I feel that its needed, please note it'll only be used in absolute WORST CONDITIONS, as a LAST RESORT. I just feel as if (after the bangerround in folkrace) its needed!

RE: Street Obsessions - Sporadic Races - Huski - 2018-05-09 17:43

Hi! If anyone wants to try the NCC of the Jump Race, its up on Street Dedicated!!!

RE: Street Obsessions - Sporadic Races - bunnytt - 2018-05-09 17:59

Huhuhu Smile sounds fun! I'm in boi!

RE: Street Obsessions - Sporadic Races - Huski - 2018-05-26 23:00


Hello! As stated 3 weeks ago, SOSR MAYHEM is running TOMORROW! 18:00 BST! Be there for crashing action within different styles of track!

The server will be Street Obsessions Racing
No password will be added on the server, turn up and race!

Rule Reminder

1. "The only places where WW is allowed are marked with red chalk i.e. corners." (No WW allowed in JUMP races)

2. Pinning, blocking or intentionally preventing a driver from racing in a fair manner for a significant amount of time is not allowed.

3. Races will only restart if there is lag on first lap of a race.

4. No changing of cars allowed at any time during the meeting.

5. Passengers are not allowed in cars at any time in the meeting. (Additional Weight is banned)

6. You must go forward at the start of a race. Any intentional braking on grid or reversing off grid is not allowed (this does not include the DD).

7. No pitting and rejoining any races.

8. You must spec in the DD if you are either rolled or your clutch dies.

9. No constantly turning around to re-do the fig 8 in fig 8 races

10. In any race that isnt the DD if you roll you dont have to pit or spec, you are able to be unflipped by other cars, same goes for clutch death in anything that isnt the DD, if your clutch dies in a race (non DD) you can stay on the track.

11. No cheats, hacks, VOB mods and crash mods at ANY time.

12. Pitting or spectating at ANY TIME during a race is an instant DNF from that heat.

13. As this is a banger race we'll hold the right to deny a driver entry on the event IF THEIR PING can cause issues (EG: Heavy crash pinging, frequent ghosting, etc)

Cars are XFG+XRG. Server will be up with the oval and other layouts throughout tomorrow as well!

RE: Street Obsessions - Sporadic Races - Marty - 2018-05-27 13:49

Hey everyone, I made 2 skins (1 xfg 1 xrg) that you can use during the event. Have fun tonight!


RE: Street Obsessions - Sporadic Races - Gaz - 2018-05-27 15:13


Quick reminder that SOSR - MAYHEM starts in just under 3 hours (18:00 BST/UK TIME).

Please take some time to read the rules before you join and we hope you will enjoy the event.

RE: Street Obsessions - Sporadic Races - Gaz - 2018-05-27 17:00


SOSR - MAYHEM will start in 1 hour.

RE: Street Obsessions - Sporadic Races - Nothy - 2018-05-27 20:20

Event is now over! Thank you all for a fantastic evening of ramming, crashing and jumping.

Race standings will be posted TONIGHT.

RE: Street Obsessions - Sporadic Races - Gaz - 2018-05-27 20:50

This post details the finishing standings of each race, along with some comments where appropriate, and the result of the demolition derby.

Race 1 - Oval Track Heat 1
[Image: Race%201.PNG]

Race 2 - Oval Track Heat 2
[Image: Race%202.PNG]

Race 3 - Figure 8 Heat 1
[Image: Race%203.PNG]

Marty got a penalty for jump-starting because he accidentally released the clutch. We cleared it because he waited for the start lights.

Race 4 - Figure 8 Heat 2
[Image: Race%204.PNG]

Race 5 - Suicide Race Heat 1
[Image: Race%205.PNG]

Race 5 was quite interesting. There was a 30 second penalty for ST.GT! although he spectated later anyway therefore giving himself a DNF. Zonda was disqualified for using added weight in his setup. Bunny spectated, therefore DNFing, and Huski ran out of fuel.

Race 6 - Suicide Race Heat 2
[Image: Race%206.PNG]

Race 6 was also quite interesting. Sky spectated, therefore DNFing. GT4Tube managed to somehow jump through the barrier to prevent people joining midrace. As funny as it was, he was warned multiple times to stop doing that. After being spectated a few times, he was kicked.

Race 7 - Jump Race Heat 1
[Image: Race%207.PNG]

Within race 7, Muro was hit out of bounds, and GT4Tube spectated therefore they both ended up with a DNF. Zonda attained a 45 second penalty for jumping the start.

Race 8 - Jump Race Heat 2
[Image: Race%208.PNG]

Within race 8, Gegg jumped the start and was spectated, but the admins decided to restart the race to allow him to participate. Zonda & ST.GT! ended up out of bounds.

Race 9 - Jump Race Heat 3
[Image: Race%209.PNG]

Within race 9, Stealy flipped and therefore got a DNF.

Before race 10, there was a decision by the admins to change the schedule. We put the jump race last instead of having it straight after 3 heats. Therefore, the next race was the Oval Final.

Race 10 - Oval Final
[Image: Race%2010PNG]

Within race 10, Freddy DNF'd.

Race 11 - Figure 8 Final
[Image: Race%2011.PNG]

Within race 11, both [R]Crea00tive and RZonda gained penalties but similar to Marty's penalty beforehand, we decided to clear them because they waited for the actual start.

Race 12 - Suicide Race Final
[Image: Race%2012.PNG]

Race 12 was very interesting. Out of the many starters, only 3 people managed to finish! The carnage was really a sight to behold.

Race 13 - Jump Race Final
[Image: Race%2013.PNG]

Demolition Derby
Participants are listed in order of going out so the first person listed is the first one to go out:
  • SOR•R.McKenzie
  • [CSR] Swiftzz
  • [R]Muro
  • [R]M.Indriksons
  • [R]Crea00tive
  • pulse¦suki
  • SO•D.Karlsson
  • SO•Rzonda
  • SO•M.Evers
  • SO•A.Kairis
  • [OK] Osku

The final result was a draw between Bunny and Coyotek.

They both hit each other at the same time and flipped at the same time, therefore the admins made the decision that it should be classed as a draw.

Overall Thoughts
Overall, the event went well. Apart from some minor issue loading a layout at one point, and some arguing between some people in the demolition derby, the event went well.

RE: Street Obsessions - Sporadic Races - Driloni110 - 2018-05-27 20:52

Great event , GG

RE: Street Obsessions - Sporadic Races - Tibe - 2018-05-27 21:50

The event was good fun. Would definitely like to see another round of these races during the upcoming summer.

RE: Street Obsessions - Sporadic Races - Huski - 2018-07-03 15:26

UF1 @ Fern Bay Rallycross Reverse (FE5_R) 15 laps


Saturday the 7th of July 2018 @ 18:00 BST

Hello! We're returning to SOSR with a slower car this time out in the UF 1000 for a close race of both dirt & tarmac, for 20 laps this race should approximately last 30 minutes.

The race will be preceded by a 15 minute qualification as well, open from 18:00 BST on the Street Obsessions Racing Server

There will be no password on the night.

Follow rules of clean racing - https://en.lfsmanual.net/wiki/Rules_of_Clean_Racing
No cheats, hacks etc. -
No intentional ramming. (Rallyx, accidents happen, apologise if such)
No cutting corners.

Quick Info

Cars: UF1
Track: FE5_R
Laps: 20
Qualification Length: 15 Minutes
Server: Street Obsessions Racing

RE: Street Obsessions - Sporadic Races - Huski - 2018-07-04 13:33

Tack loaded w/ airio on the Street Obsessions Racing server!

RE: Street Obsessions - Sporadic Races - Huski - 2018-07-06 16:59

Hello! Flags go down tomorrow at 18:00 BST! Be there!

RE: Street Obsessions - Sporadic Races - Gaz - 2018-07-07 16:42

The qualifying is scheduled to start in about 1hr and 15 mins @18:00 BST. The qualifying isn't compulsory so if you want to just come for the race you can do that, too. The server will be on 0.6R, but there was a new patch just released recently so just don't update for the time being in case of any problems.

RE: Street Obsessions - Sporadic Races - CyanKill - 2018-07-07 17:59

Ok so... The game is in a different game code so I cant join gg

RE: Street Obsessions - Sporadic Races - Gaz - 2018-07-07 19:06

Qualifying Results:
[Image: Qualifying.png]
Notable events:
  • Alex lagged out at the end of the qualifying session. We waited for him for a while but he didn't rejoin until sometime later, by which point the race had already started.

Race Results:
[Image: RACE.png]
Notable events:
  • dhamulle spectated at the end of the qualifying session and did not join the race until after the lights had already went out. Therefore, he had to start from the pitlane.
  • SO•Juntu disconnected.
  • 9397 disconnected.
  • Huski flipped on lap 16, and subsequently DNF'd.

Overall, there was some very close racing in the actual race itself and the battles were very entertaining to watch.