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[F] Basic Training - Ferranalcanar - ferranalcanar - 2018-06-08 14:35

LFS Username: Ferranalcanar
Nickname: Fbarrerao
Cop rights revoked? (Yes/No): No
Notes (e.g times free/language): Spanish / English
- Time zone: UTC +2
- Free time: Almost everyday

Basic Training - Ferranalcanar - Adrian - 2018-06-08 17:41

[Image: trainingpass3.png]
Congratulations! You have Passed the written [COP] Exam

The [TC] Training Team

Please carefully read the »Police Guide«

Confirm below that you have read and understood it.


The [TC] Training Team

RE: Basic Training - Ferranalcanar - ferranalcanar - 2018-06-09 10:18

Yes, I read and I understand the rules

RE: Basic Training - Ferranalcanar - Adrian - 2018-06-09 10:53

You were supposed to read police guide, not the rules, but I guess thats what you meant.

You are now ready for Basic Training. Please take a look at the Timetable and check which day is best suited to you. Please check which Trainer(s) are available on that day and contact one or all of them: You have 21 days from now to complete the training, otherwise this application will be closed. »List of Trainers«

The [TC] Training Team

Basic Training - Ferranalcanar - Adrian - 2018-06-12 07:42

Training Information:

Took place on: 09/06/18

Trainer(s) Present: Adrian [T]

Assistance Present: Barney [CA], Roba [CA]

Lead Trainer: Adrian [T]

Good Points: You initiated chase well, with all needed commands. You made few good PITs when given the chance.

Improvements: You were often making unnecessary drifts or burnouts, which warmed up your tires quite fast. In result, it was harder for you to control your car with hot tires. To improve, practice driving without losing traction on corners.
At few occasions you failed to leave safety gap when approaching a junction. That caused you to go wrong way and lose time over your suspect. Remember about it in chases, as in some cases it may lead you to lose the chase.
You were spamming !backup command right after suspect failed to stop, even although it was said there is no backup available at the moment. To improve, try to catch your suspect yourself first, and if you see you won't bust him alone, call for backup. Also read messages coming from other cops though cop chat.
When suspect was out of your sight you failed to watch him on the map and you went wrong way, losing some time again. To improve, always remember to pay attention to map when you don't see your suspect. It will let you know where he is and predict where he can go.
At one occasion when you were coming opposite way to your suspect you turned into and hitted him. Such move is classed as ramming, which is forbidden on our servers, even in chases.
You were hitting many layout objects, which was causing you to lose control/traction. To improve, practice fast driving with avoiding layout objects.
Many of your PITs were rushed, not calculated and not safe. Some of them caused you to hit the barrier and get serious damage. Don't rush your PITs and always think if it will be safe to do. When in any doubt, stay back and wait for good moment.

Notes: Practice your driving and don't rush anything. Feel free to re-apply when you will be ready.

Authorized by Carl.
[Image: trainingfail3.png]
Sorry, you have failed Basic Training. Please feel free to apply again.
You must wait a minimum of 7 days before reapplying.

The [TC] Training Team