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Bullitt 500 - Final Reminder & Website Launch! - TAZxx - 2018-08-15 23:48

[Image: B500-logo.png]


There's only 48 hours left until the start of Bullitt 500!!

At some point I mentioned about a page on our website! Well here it is, you can access it by >>CLICKING ME!!!<<, we're currently running a 24 hour run of our API so you can see how it all works in preparation for the start on Saturday at 00:00 BST.

We're all very excited, and we promise this will be the last thread before the start of Bullitt... We wish you all the best of luck and we're looking forward to seeing who earns themselves some nice sums of money!!!

We're still accepting Donations >>HERE!<< and sign-ups run up until 23:00 on Friday (17th) >>HERE<<

Have A Free Countdown timer - >>CLICK ME<<

That's all from us! See you on the track!
Street Obsessions Management