Max Payne 3 - Auto Updater [ISSUE]
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Max Payne 3 - Auto Updater [ISSUE]
Hey guys. Essentially, Max Payne 3 is being a "payne in the ass" to launch.
(Before anyone says, yes I have been on many other websites and have done research about this massive bug.)

I will explain in detail what happens when I try to run Max Payne.

Step 1.) I double click on the icon.
Step 2.) A box comes up which looks like this:

[Image: max-pain-in-the-ass.png]

If I click on "Play", the cursor looks like it's beginning to load, the "Play" button turns grey and the text for the button is changed to "Offline Mode" and it eventually stops loading anything.

It's nothing to do with my PC specs, nothing to do with the way I've installed it or anything. It is a problem to do with Rockstar. I'm just curious if any of you guys have had this bug already, and if yes, how did you overcome it? It's a pretty big bug due to the fact you can't actually play a game which costed just over £30.

I messed around with the .net Frame stuff a little bit and the stuff I have described it since me changing it.

Before any .net stuff was changed, I don't think it gave me any chance to even press the "Game" button.

Before buying this game, consider this huge flaw that many, many people have encountered!

~ BP

Fixed, graphics card drivers weren't up-to-date.
[Image: necpxj.png]

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