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[Image: VF3pOhr.png]
Street Obsessions - Sporadic Races.

With SORL in full swing us here at Street Obsessions want to offer sporadic one-off races, that can range anywhere from throwing GTRs around Westhill to Rallyx within UF1s and everything in between.

This thread will be replied to each time a new sporadic event is announced, with time, date, cars, track, rules, etc. Each event will be come and race unless a sign-up is required (Say for a team race) these races will usually be one car, however sometimes it may be 2 or more.

All races will take place on the Street Obsessions server.

A news post for every race will also be announced on our website as well as here, along with results and replays as well: http://www.street-obsessions.com/

Base Rulebook

Some races may have their own rules set out (EG: Demolition Derby races) however for races that do not a base rulebook is listed below:

  1. No intentional contact
  2. Respect Flags
  3. No corner cutting
  4. No hacks/cheats/vob mods (doing so may lead to a permanant ban from any SO event)
nice accidental [/centre]

looks interesting
(2018-01-14 22:25)AdamB Wrote: [ -> ]nice accidental [/centre]

looks interesting

I totally noticed that! Sleep
[Image: VF3pOhr.png]

Street Obsessions - Sporadic Race #1 - Jokkis (Aka: Folkrace)


Our first sporadic event we want to start off with a bang, so due to this we've decided to start with Jokkis (Aka: Folkrace) a inexpensive, entry level form of Scandinavian rally cross. 

The event will take place across 5 heats (7 laps) & 1 final (10 laps) with races having no specific starting order.

The track itself is a replica (with a few edits) made by Sindre Silva of Kalvholmen Folkrace track situated in Sweden.

The race itself will start at 18:00 GMT and last approximately 40 minutes (all heats and finals). (18:00 -> 18:50/19:00) after the race has finished we'll put on a few short sprint races (3 Laps) for those who want to stay on a little longer.

The car used for this race will be the XF GTI (XFG) 


Due to the kind of racing a different style rulebook will be made. As Rally cross is a close, slightly filled with contact formula we're expecting accidental contact to happen a lot, that's just rallycross.

1. No INTENTIONAL contact (we understand mistakes happen)

2. If you roll and land off the track (or out of the raceway: eg beside the road) you don't have to shift+p

3. Pitgate will be shut before races (so spectating or pitting means your out)

4. No corner cutting allowed. (most turns are marked

5. Strictly no WW.

Track is loaded on the Street Obsessions server (will be unloaded for SORL on the 24th then return afterwards)

Addition: No sign-up required for the race, just turn up before start (or midway through) and race

Double addition:

Trailer by ItzSe4n

Test race perspective by me

*Sean's Video*

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]
Full information of Jokkis

Race time: 18:00 GMT Start
Server: Street Dedicated
Cars: XFG

Laps: 7 (heats - x 5) & 10 (Final x 1)

Total amount of races: 6 (5 heats 1 final OR 45 laps total)

ALL Races are allcomers, meaning anybody can join these races.

Race structure:
Race 1: Heat 1
Race 2: Heat 2
Race 3: Heat 3
Race 4: Heat 4
Race 5: Heat 5
Race 6: Final
Race 7 (If people are interested): DD Race OR Something slightly stupid.

What if I'm late? - Join the next heat!
[Image: VF3pOhr.png]

Street Obsessions - Sporadic Races #1 - Jokkis (Aka: Folkrace)

Jokkis went off with a flying bang, and by that we mean lots of ramming and shouting.

Heat 1 results:

[Image: 1bfc29dd0745ec6b5d6186684a287013-png.jpg]

Heat 2 results:

[Image: de6ba05eb2c7b1ac34e5908789718ace-png.jpg]

Heat 3 results:

[Image: df7618cc4221a3cc315821eaa5de876d-png.jpg]

Heat 4 results:

[Image: 311334952bf53d5f6e096a23fa4efc52-png.jpg]

Heat 5 results:

[Image: 7a7cc8f020d48493274b6000742876fa-png.jpg]

Heat 6 results:

[Image: 0682f2ab208a850ee35b7fa6370fde3c-png.jpg]

Many Congratulations to SO•South for winning the most heats!

Stay tuned for more fun Sporadic Races!

Many Thanks from Street Obsessions!

Best moments video!
Whats next for SOSR?

Something is in the works right now. For hopeful running on the 27th of May. Stay tuned as its going to be... Aggressive.

[Image: unknown.png]
SOSR - RACE 2 - MAYhem (Banger-ish racing)
27/05/2018 @ 18:00 BST (19:00 / 20:00 in various parts of the EU)

No sign-up needed, join Street Obsessions Racing on the night to join!


Feel like getting some aggression out on LFS drivers? Or just trying your hand at derby style races. This SOSR event is for you, crash bash or race your way to the finish line.

Its up to you to figure out how you'll race in ever adapting, chaotic environments with
our next race being a harp to the cheaper, more destructive form of motorsport, banger racing. With this one bringing some LFS Adaptations of races from the classic destruction derby game, Driven To Destruction *(Test Drive; Eve of Destruction in some countries)*

The cars being used for this event are the GTi classification of cars (XFG+XRG)

Of course no banger race wouldn't be complete without the normal Oval Races, our oval for this race being a 85% gravel 15% Road oval.

In the spoilers I've put pictures of each track with a description of what they are (At the bottom of the post)


1. "The only places where WW is allowed are marked with red chalk i.e. corners." (No WW allowed in JUMP races)

2. Pinning, blocking or intentionally preventing a driver from racing in a fair manner for a significant amount of time is not allowed.

3. Races will only restart if there is lag on first lap of a race.

4. No changing of cars allowed at any time during the meeting.

5. Passengers are not allowed in cars at any time in the meeting. (Additional Weight is banned)

6. You must go forward at the start of a race. Any intentional braking on grid or reversing off grid is not allowed (this does not include the DD).

7. No pitting and rejoining any races.

8. You must spec in the DD if you are either rolled or your clutch dies.

9. No constantly turning around to re-do the fig 8 in fig 8 races

10. In any race that isnt the DD if you roll you dont have to pit or spec, you are able to be unflipped by other cars, same goes for clutch death in anything that isnt the DD, if your clutch dies in a race (non DD) you can stay on the track.

11. No cheats, hacks, VOB mods and crash mods at ANY time.

12. Pitting or spectating at ANY TIME during a race is an instant DNF from that heat.

13. As this is a banger race we'll hold the right to deny a driver entry on the event IF THEIR PING can cause issues (EG: Heavy crash pinging, frequent ghosting, etc)

Races will be ran in the following order;

OVAL ROUND 1 - 10 laps - Approx 7m
OVAL ROUND 2 - 10 laps - Approx 7m
FIG 8 ROUND 1 - 10 laps - Approx 10m
FIG 8 ROUND 2 - 10 laps - Approx 10m
SUICIDE RACE ROUND 1 ( 10 laps - Approx 5 min)
SUICIDE RACE ROUND 2 ( 10 laps - Approx 5 min)
JUMP RACE ROUND 1 - 10 laps ( approx 7 min)
JUMP RACE ROUND 2 - 10 laps ( approx 7 min)
JUMP RACE ROUND 3 - 10 laps ( approx 7 min)
JUMP RACE FINAL - 15 laps (approx 10 min)
OVAL FINAL - 15 laps - Approx 10m
FIG 8 FINAL - 15 laps - approx 15m
SUICIDE RACE FINAL - 15 laps (Approx 10 min)
DEMOLITION DERBY - Last man standing or 30m dependant

Approx 2hr 10m of racing accross all rounds.

The Oval
The Whip Round Race
The figure 8.
The Jump Race.
The Demolition Derby Arena

I'll be running a few jump race sprints tonight as well on Street Dedicated! Come join!
Oh yes. Cannot wait!
Should be a lot of fun, I look forward to it Smile
Waiting for it!
Sounds great!
legally crashing opponents? I'm in.
The figure 8 looks like a farm Tongue
Im in!
Somebody say ramming without getting banned? Let's do this.
(2018-05-07 13:52)TAZxx Wrote: [ -> ]Somebody say ramming without getting banned? Let's do this.

Well, hopefully you can manage 3 laps Heart
Nice! Cant wait!
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