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Full Version: More new people join the ranks
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Hello Everybody, me again!

So, as per usual we like to do random things at random times which make little to no sense at all!

In our pursuit to secure our position... NOPE lets not start that again Biggrin We've invited 2 new recruits in to join the bee coloured rank of recruit.

Welcome SOAtrocity (dannyworsnop111) and SOMattbeard (captain_Mattbeard) to the ranks where they will endure a physical and mentally demanding recruitment period!

Unfortunately we have also said goodbye to Gaztheboss after a long period of inactivity.

Good Luck All.

Street Obsessions Management
Hello. Im excited for this ? thank you
Good luck guys!
Good luck, have fun Smile
Good luck guys Thumbup
Good luck Smile
Good luck Smile
Please enjoy your time, good luck during your "mentally demanding recruitment period"!!
good luck for both Heart
Good luck.

Who is Mattbeard though?
(2018-08-05 16:20)Thomas Wrote: [ -> ]Good luck.

Who is Mattbeard though?

Huski's friend or something idk. I hear he plays LFS (I really haven't lately)and shit. He's been in our Discord server for a good while, as a community member and as a Prospect.
Good luck both!
Good luck! Smile
Goodluck guys!
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