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Full Version: Bullitt 500 - Results And Feedback
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[Image: B500-logo.png]

Hi all,

Firstly I would like to apologise for the delay in the official posting of these results.

The official results are as below;
[Image: d42256518631d5eafabdb74e9fdc5a39.png]
[Image: d5d63b0221a77f6165db7a89ce1af172.png]

Many congratulations to Dee, Alex, Riho, Gaz and Myself for being in the top 5. Your prize money has already been sent, any issues feel free to contact any of the management team...

We would like to thank all who took part, helped with ideas, the team at [TC] for supporting us and advertising it in game and on the forum and the community as a whole.

Now, this is where we say to all of you, those who participated and those who didn't, what did you like about the event? What did you not like about it? Is there anything you would like to see added/improved? And of course, any general feedback which would help us if we decided to run this style of event again.

Thanks for your time, your feedback and support.
Street Obsessions Management.
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