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Full Version: + Report-makushin (Report Archived by Kyle)
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Users Involved

Your LFS Username: tristatron

Their LFS Username(s): mkoe
Their In-game Nickname(s): makushin

Incident Information

Date of Incident: 9/2/2019
Time of Incident: unsure

Description of Incident (Include Timestamps):
- 1:34:06: he slows down initially but keeps following the chase too closely, I slow
down a bit hoping he'll get the message and he taps my back
- 1:35:07: he keeps going flat out even though sirens should be on his screen by
now, he does not let off the throttle at all.
- 1:35:11: he sees me and keeps accelerating, causing him to make contact with me
at 80mph
I tried to talk to him later in the replay but I was completely ignored.


Replay / Screenshot Link(s):Replay
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