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Full Version: + Report user -Unnamed (Report Archived by Frozen)
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Users Involved

Your LFS Username:Adwin

Their LFS Username(s):SimenFossum
Their In-game Nickname(s):Unnamed

Incident Information ramming helping suspect no sorry given tried to speak to user after chase no reply was given

Date of Incident:6/11/2019
Time of Incident:11pm gmt+8

Description of Incident (Include Timestamps):
01:19 - Drifting Around The Roundabout
14:25 - crashing straight into BS·BilÞBojky[COP] (no sorry given)
14:45 - Following Chase
15:30 - Blocking suspect During Chase

Evidence https://www.mediafire.com/file/qxrtcrfhf...d.mpr/file

Replay / Screenshot Link(s): 01:19 -15:30
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He was clearly crashing full speed into the chase on purpose. He was also !reported for similar behavior today which shows he's just been interfering other people's gameplay lately.

I've also noticed that another user (not reported by you) was ramming [CSR] Demis [COP] in the replay: Feej (ofiras). So I've taken care of him aswell. He hasn't played a lot in our servers, so I'll give him one chance to read the rules.

SimenFossum has been banned for 3 days and given a confirmable warning to remind him that ramming and interfering chases is not allowed in our servers.

ofiras has been given a confirmable warning to remind him that ramming is not allowed in our servers.

Thanks for your report.

Action has been taken as described
Thank you for your report, it has now been moved to the archives.
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