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Full Version: Bavaria n5 cop skin approval (Approved)
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Those screenshots are very poorly done, but there seems to be a few problems here:

- the rear doesn't have clear "POLICE"
- the rear doesn't really look like a cop skin (IMO)
- the hood seems to be black with no markings whatsoever?
Already fixing that police on rear, the hood its all black from the mod so i will need to use the normal version (going to change the skin for the normal version), but the rear its how it is on cops psp cars https://imgur.com/a/d1JXvFM
this is how it looks now
https://imgur.com/a/z7VE5dO ( about the police in rear, going to fix it but the program that i use have a limit of downloads for day and i have used my limit fixing and testing skin
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Skin in post #5 is approved

Skin Approved
The skin in this thread has been approved and can now be used on the servers!
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