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Full Version: [P] basic training fronzy34
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LFS Username: Fronzy34
Nickname: [RDSR] Emir
Cop rights revoked? (Yes/No): No
Notes (e.g times free/language): every day from 1 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Administrator Message by: Anansi

You never had your cop rights revoked. Changed from Yes to No.
[Image: trainingpass3.png]
Congratulations! You have Passed the written [COP] Exam

The [TC] Training Team

Please carefully read the »Police Guide«

Confirm below that you have read and understood it.


The [TC] Training Team
I read it and I understood.
You are now ready for Basic Training. Please take a look at the list of Police Trainers >here<. You can contact one, or all of them via PM or Discord DM to arrange your training: You have 21 days from now to complete the training, otherwise this application will be closed. »List of Trainers«

The [TC] Training Team
Training Information:

Took place on: 16/01/2024

Lead Trainer: Lyrinx

Good Points:
Car control was Generally good, PIT's were well aimed.

A few PIT's were rushed which caused them to be ineffective, Take your time when executing a PIT. You also went on wrong side of the road quite alot, Try to keep on the correct side of the road as much as possible, there were times you were on other side of road when you didn't need to be. With some PIT's you seem to swing out wide (or are already wide by being on other side of road) and PIT with alot of force, try not to do this with lighter vehicles.

Authorised by TAZxx

[Image: trainingpass3.png]
Congratulations, you have passed Basic Training.

The [TC] Training Team
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